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    Cub's Prospect Watch And Development Discussion Thread

    Just fatigue and inflammation. He has to rest for two weeks before resuming a throwing regimen.
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    Cub's Prospect Watch And Development Discussion Thread

    It's an epidemic this year. So many TJ surgeries and the month of April isn't even finished. Thankfully Edwards avoided anything serious and hopefully the rest will get him back on track this year.
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    The Bullpen Needs Work!

    At this point, I would at the very least give Kevin Gregg a call. His command was light years better than Jose Veras aka Carlos Marmol 2.0 and even Strop struggles in the closer role. If they really have to, I'd rather see Rondon at closer for a bit. Anything to stop bleeding runs away in the ninth.
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    Gordon Hayward

    Hayward would be a decent addition for this team in the off-season if they can get him for a good price. I believe the Jazz declined his option so he should see the free agent market this Summer. He's a 3-point threat with good ball-handling skills. Obviously he's not the main guy you target in...
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    Blackhawks at Blues IGT 4/25 (Series tied 2-2) 7 PM CT NBCSN/CSN Chicago

    A regulation finish would be nice. I'm not sure how much more OT I can take in this series.
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    Official CCS Random Thoughts Thread

    Will do, buddy.
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    For now. Lol

    For now. Lol
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts

    This is the worst COD game since MW3. Black Ops and Black Ops 2 are far superior to this piece of junk. You're exactly right about people blending in to the maps and the layouts of the maps are terrible. Thank God I only rented this one. Saved me some $$. This one made me go back and buy Black...
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    Just finished my man cave, aka bears den.

    Holy cow! When can I come over? :bearbang:
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    Cubs Fan Roll-Call Thread : Introduce Yourself and Start Posting

    The scary part is I'm not drunk!
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    Moreland leaving booth

    Lol, indeed.
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    Bulls Title Hopes Gone

    Trade Rose, Butler, Deng, Boozer and Noah to Kentucky for the Harrison twins, Julius Randle, James Young and Marcus Lee.
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    Bulls need to ride Boozer more until Rose gets right!

    Don't ride him too hard. His legs might fall off!
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    Rick Renteria Is The New Cubs Manager

    Not a fan at all, to be honest. Dave Martinez would have been a better hire based on what Theo was looking for. Dave was around a great clubhouse the past few years and understands what it takes to win, being in Tampa with Joe Maddon. Renteria may be a respected guy, but the Padres haven't done...
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    Moreland leaving booth

    I've heard rumors of Grace. Not sure if he's gotten his act together yet, but if he has, I'd love hearing him with Pat.
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    Moreland leaving booth

    Me neither. Not sure how well that would work out with him in the booth. Not really much of a talker or a color man, IMO.
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    Cubs, WGN-TV may part ways after 2014 season

    First Old Style, now WGN? Damn you! That's two strikes, Cubs. Don't make it three.
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    Cubs Fan Roll-Call Thread : Introduce Yourself and Start Posting

    I'm addicted to winning...wait, why am I a Chicago fan then?