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  1. RiDLer80

    Potential 2024 NFL Head Coach Candidates - Running IGT

    Ben Johnson + a greybeard DC Jim Harbaugh Lincoln Riley + Caleb Williams (he'll also need a greybeard DC)
  2. RiDLer80

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Chiefs (Across Town KC Throwdown: Udderly Clowned Edition)

    Chiefs picking apart this weak ass cover 2. All of its holes are known and ways to exploit it.
  3. RiDLer80

    Caleb Williams is not that good

    Riley's system is really QB friendly. Hard to judge Williams when his WRs are wide the fuck open.
  4. RiDLer80

    College Football Week 4 only talking please threadiest of threads

    Really weird to hate on ASU unless you're an Arizona Wildcat. It's like hating on San Diego State. So random. Why
  5. RiDLer80

    Bears ownership succession plan revealed.

    The Bears have been getting shitted on all over social media this whole week. We're a national joke.
  6. RiDLer80

    College Football Week 4 only talking please threadiest of threads

    I have an absurd $5 parlay ton win $17k that absolutely won't hit but if it does...
  7. RiDLer80

    TNF: NYG @ SF49ers

    Crazy that he's more accomplished than Fields. We cannot make the same mistake as New York. Can't give a meh QB franchise QB money.
  8. RiDLer80

    Who is the LT

    Crazy that we're gonna go into this off-season needing four new starters on the OL.
  9. RiDLer80

    Who is the LT

    What's the worst possible decision? That's what we'll do.
  10. RiDLer80

    TANKATHON 2.0 (Bears pick 1&4)

    Neither has Bagent.
  11. RiDLer80

    Possible 2024 Head Coaches

    Have we decided if Poles even had autonomy to make his own hire at HC? I doubt he did. I mean, what are the odds that the three finalists the Bears choose for him to interview are his exact top three choices? Maybe we have another Pace/Fox situation here.
  12. RiDLer80

    Possible 2024 Head Coaches

    He's a football nerd similar to McVay and Shanahan. We need somebody like that. I don't know who out there fits that mold but we gotta get an offensive Xs and Os guy to develop our next QB. Ben Johnson fit that mold?
  13. RiDLer80

    Week 3 College Football of the only football talk varietyish

    WTF is this Tennessee offense? Can't do shit
  14. RiDLer80

    Pathetic Bears Fact

    I wonder does anybody inside of Halas Hall care that the franchise is a joke.
  15. RiDLer80

    QB School Breakdown

    Nothing good to say about this organization. Garbage.
  16. RiDLer80

    Its draft day 2024. Bears have the #1 pick. Do you take Caleb Williams?

    I hope we're nowhere near the top of the draft. I don't want this shit organization to ruin another QB.
  17. RiDLer80

    Pre (real) season temperature check

    My concerns showed up today. The DL was a non-factor. Love was unbothered and able to find receivers running free in our soft zone. Getsy called up three passes beyond 10 yards of the LOS. Awful coaching job on both sides of the ball.
  18. RiDLer80

    Roster cuts around the league + 53 man roster

    He doesn't want to be here. Why would he come back for a cheaper deal?
  19. RiDLer80

    Roster cuts around the league + 53 man roster

    SIAP This is somebody we may want to kick the tires on: