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  1. Its Time To Start Bagent..

    I’d start Bagent with like 4-6 games left if Fields doesn’t show anything. It’s not really fair to Bagent this early. You’re throwing him to the wolves. You still are at the end of the year too. It gives him a little more time though. And you’re really just looking to see glimpses anyway...
  2. How long until you embrace the second tank?

    Tanking isn’t players trying to lose. That doesn’t exist in sports. Tanking comes from the organization. What the Bears did was the textbook definition of tanking.
  3. 99 yards

    It sucks because he is the type of guy you want to cheer for. After every game I’m out. By Saturday I’m trying to convince myself how he could possibly turn a corner. For his sake and mine.
  4. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Chiefs (Across Town KC Throwdown: Udderly Clowned Edition)

    They only needed 11. (They really only needed 4, but they felt bad for the Bears and gave them a garbage time TD.)
  5. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Chiefs (Across Town KC Throwdown: Udderly Clowned Edition)

    That’s like 1/3 of the team targets. The QB refuses to throw the ball.
  6. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Chiefs (Across Town KC Throwdown: Udderly Clowned Edition)

    I think she dates guys just so she can break up with them and write songs about it.
  7. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Chiefs (Across Town KC Throwdown: Udderly Clowned Edition)

    How does the punt returner have 20 yards of space on every Bears punt?
  8. 2024 Mock Mock draft

    Jared Verse from Florida State is the guy right now. Some other guys will emerge though. As of today he’s the only projected top 10 guy on most boards. Just google NFL draft prospects/rankings and you’ll find all types of stuff.
  9. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Buccaneers (504 This Page Will Not Load Edition)

    I have no desire to look it up, but I’m positive overall number one picks become good to great NFL players at a pretty decent rate. Literally none of the guys you listed were #1 overall picks. A few were late round picks which makes your argument even more confusing. Of course nothing is...
  10. I was talking to a friend of mine about Fields.... and he said it is tragic

    Poles didn’t pick Eberflus. It’s pretty obvious Polian did. They had already narrowed the search down to like 4 guys before they even hired Poles. Then they tried to spew some bullshit about how he was involved, but the timeline doesn’t work at all. Shit, I can’t remember exactly how it went...
  11. Should the Bears put more focus on developing Fields as a passer or design plays that fit his current abilities?

    They can’t run the ball though because they’re always behind. Of course establishing the run benefits the team. It’s sort of hard to do that though when you’re always losing. And even if they call more designed runs for Fields it would help, but wouldn’t solve anything. He has to at least be...
  12. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Buccaneers (504 This Page Will Not Load Edition)

    Overwhelming chance his dad is just saying what he thinks he is supposed to say. He can say whatever he wants, but his words don’t correlate with reality. What is the “right situation” for the #1 pick? He is going to a bad team no matter what. NIL money doesn’t compare to what a second NFL...
  13. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Buccaneers (504 This Page Will Not Load Edition)

    No point in going back and forth on this. When Caleb Williams inevitably declares in 5 months we won’t remember this conversation anyway.
  14. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Buccaneers (504 This Page Will Not Load Edition)

    Nonsense. He’s leaving no matter what. Tired of reading this. What situation is there where the #1 pick is going to a good situation? Especially when the team needs a QB. That’s why they have the #1 pick. Is his dad going to declare that unless a top team that somehow doesn’t already have a qb...
  15. Yeah, done with Fields

    86th best player in the league.
  16. I'm sure this has been said a million times....

    And they created turnovers.
  17. *** OFFICAIL *** fire everyone thread. Bears Fans Only

    Why do the Vikings get lucky in a bunch of close games last year and everyone says they will come back to earth while Daboll does the same thing and he’s a great coach? I’m honestly not saying this because they got rocked last night. I’ve never been sold on him. They ran like god last year in...
  18. On a positive note Roachon is as advertised

    You’d think this is your textbook run the ball and play defense type of team. The problem is the defense sucks and they have to abandon the run anyway, They would get nice runs in the second half, but were down double digits so they couldn’t really stick with it. If the game were close you...
  19. Every Fields Dropback

    Fields played well in the first half. You can’t give him a A because he didn’t put it in the end zone. Not that that should all fall on him. But he holds some responsibility. He played bad in the second half though. Some of it was falling behind so big that he had to take chances. He’s also part...