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    Rate the last movie you watched

    Ant-Man was awesome. 7/10.
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    White Sox IGT: May 31st to June 30th 2015

    It's a damn shame they are not a good team, I expect so much more from this roster. Can we get some damn runs? And the defense is atrocious indeed, makes me feel like I am watching fish out of water when I see these dudes playing baseball.
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    Chicago Bulls hire Fred Hoiberg for Head Coach

    I wouldn't have much faith in that either. It's hard for any coach to be consistent with a constantly changing starting line-up/roster...which in my opinion, was the biggest road block to a championship that Thibs had.
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    Deadspin: Nobody Can Touch Can Chris Sale Right Now

    One of the most, if not THE most entertaining pitcher to watch in baseball the past two years. That's a good article. Sale doesn't get the respect that he deserves around the league, but I guess that's to be expected when you play for the White Sox and not the darlings in blue.
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    White Sox IGT: May 31st to June 30th 2015

    Just to avoid the cluster of IGT's and sticking each thread, let's try this. Discuss in-game happenings and post/pre game here for games in the month of June. Starting on an awkward day this month for the sake of including the Astros game. First up for this thread, the rubber match with the...
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    IST: Sox V BJ's

    If I was an admin, I would have. Technicalities suck, right?? In all seriousness, I will take you up on that. Solving the need for individual IGT's all the time after this post. Doesn't work too well to have individual IGT threads on a forum with little activity, in my opinion. Let's see how a...
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    IST: Sox V BJ's

    There was no thread for the Os game, sue me. :woot:
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    IST: Sox V BJ's

    Chris Sale was beautiful.
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    Potential Bulls Head Coaching Candidates

    I heard Alvin Gentry's name today on the radio as a new "favorite" to "replace Thibs". If that happens, I will really start to think there is something supernatural behind Gar/Pax still having a job. Hopefully that's just a baseless rumor, like most things in the media these days.
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    IST: Sox @ The Brew Crew

    This shit is gold. :bowrofl:
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    IST: Sox @ The Brew Crew

    So many bad teams scoring all day on the White Sox. But as melt said, at least the offense had vital signs. :(
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    IST: Sox V Cincy

    Rodon impressed me. Damn does this dude have velocity on his pitches. Eight strike outs and the W? Encouraging stuff. And Robertson is nasty. I love this team, I just do not love the record. Still a lot of time to gain some ground.
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    IST: Tigers v Sox

    I may, or may not be a step ahead of you. All I will confirm is that things will go much smoother around here. ;)
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    Mayweather vs Pacquiao

    The problem is boxing is a dying sport, and the biggest name in the sport is a f*cking joke that makes everything boring. Any true fan of boxing appreciates Mayweathers skill, but what his personality and style does to the sport just makes things worse. He had the biggest stage in the history of...
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    IST: Tigers v Sox

    Rest assured that I understand this to be true. Things will get better around here. I appreciate every White Sox poster who has stuck around through the rough patch here.
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    IST: Sox V Min

    This season is getting rough again...typical White Sox.
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    Mortal Kombat X (MKX) Discussion

    I have been hearing about the PC woes. It sucks. I guess thats what happens when they allow an outside company to develop the PC version.
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    After playing a horrible game... D. Rose says...

    I do not pay money to go watch Rose speak. I pay money to watch him play basketball. If he's having fun out there, so be it. Good game or bad.
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    IST: Sox v O's

    Apologies, guys. Been on vacation in the French Quarter for the past week. Cleaned some stuff up. I can't work miracles here. I tried to give people a place to keep the stuff that derailed threads in one place, but unfortunately it's not enough. No matter, I will be back around. Go Sox.
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    IST: Royals at Sox

    They gotta take this one. It would be nice to sweep the Royals on the road to being over .500. In Abreau We Trust.