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  1. EbonyRaptor

    Blachawks Fan Roll-Call Thread : Introduce Yourself and Start Posting

    I've been an infrequent poster here for a while but since I'm part of the wave coming from, I thought I'd share some particulars. Been a fan since shortly after they won the Cup in 1961 (I was only 7 at the time and not paying attention). My first favorite player was good ole...
  2. EbonyRaptor

    If you're a member of the forum..

    I've been a member here for some time but I'm also a crosser overererer.
  3. EbonyRaptor


    Great news - happy Roquan is back. But what about the other 2 defensive starters - Hicks and Nichols - what is their status?
  4. EbonyRaptor

    Thoughts and Observations Week 3

    The Bears are not good enough to overcome shoot themselves in the foot penalties against a good team. Fortunately, Washington isn't a good team and neither is Denver. Minnesota is a good team and if they take penalties against them they will be hard pressed to get the win. A pet peeve of mine...
  5. EbonyRaptor

    FINAL CUT: Keep 3

    By "keep" do you mean past 9 games? Stan has said they're going to give Dach some games before making the decision to keep him up or send him back to Saskatoon. Boqvist breaking camp with the Hawks probably depends if de Haan is ready to play on opening day - if yes, Boqvist probably goes to...
  6. EbonyRaptor

    Traverse City Prospect Tourney

    Both Dach and Boqvist played the first 2 games, then sat game-3, then played less than half of game-4 ... so with only less than 2 and a half games with which to watch them at Traverse City, nothing concrete can be concluded - neither were dominant but neither were disappointing either. There...
  7. EbonyRaptor

    Matt Nagy is his own worst enemy.

    Trubisky was bad but I'm going to say Nagy was as bad if not worse. Third and inches and he hands it off to Patterson 5 yards deep in the backfield ... pitiful play call - one of many. Last season the cutesy plays with their cutesy names were ... well ... cutesy. How about trying some bread and...
  8. EbonyRaptor

    Traverse City Prospect Tourney

    With the exception of the NCAA and European prospects - all the Hawks big shooter prospects will be there. Very Nice. Traverse City is a good tournament - always lots of high profile prospects. Not all rosters are announced yet but Rangers will have Kakko, Kravtsov and Fox, and of course the...
  9. EbonyRaptor

    What Preseason Week 2 proves Nagy is doing

    While I mostly subscribe to the notion of "it's only preseason", I don't feel comfortable with Nagy's approach to not play starters. I assume the rationale is to avoid "unnecessary" injuries in games that don't count and from that perspective I don't have a problem with it, but I don't think it...
  10. EbonyRaptor

    Chicago Pro Hockey League

    The Chicago Public Hockey League plays on Wednesday nights over the summer. Tonight is the 3rd week. There are three divisions with one of them named the "Pro Division" which has 4 teams and a bunch of NHL players and prospects spread across the teams along with a bunch of minor league and...
  11. EbonyRaptor

    Bears O-line - is it good enough?

    My main concern is Long's ability to stay on the field, but I'm not sold on the tackles either. Protecting Trubisky in the passing game is probably more important than being a good run blocking O-line (as a long time Bears fan - I can't believe I just said that) - but the truth is the Bears...
  12. EbonyRaptor

    Bears O-line - is it good enough?

    Is the Bears offensive line good enough to protect Trubisky so he has the time necessary to "take the next step" in his development. Obviously Kyle Long staying healthy is a big factor - but let's assume he and the rest of the O-line starters stay healthy - are they good enough?
  13. EbonyRaptor

    2019 Free Agency/Trade Edition

    Boqvist and Dach were clowning around with each and I noticed several other players seemed to be friendly with Boqvist and vice versa. Watch the video clips from Mon-Thu prospect camp and there are plenty of times when you see him just being one of the guys. Maybe it was a little awkward in...
  14. EbonyRaptor

    2019/20 Roster and Camp Battles

    Forwards have a lot of variables and possibilities. Regardless how the line combo's shake out - there are 6 forwards who will be in the starting lineup barring an injury or trade - Toews, Kane, DeBrincat, Strome, Saad and Shaw. The other 6 forward slots in the starting lineup will be picked from...
  15. EbonyRaptor

    Blackhawks Sign (G) Robin Lehner - 1 Year / $5M

    Most likely Ward wasn't in the plans even before Lehner was signed - Delia was going to be the backup to Crawford. Now Delia can be sent to Rockford to tandem with Lehtonen. Signing Lehner for only 1 season is not a bug - it's a feature. Both Crawford and Lehner are on expiring contracts which...
  16. EbonyRaptor

    2019 Free Agency/Trade Edition

    With the additions of Maatta and de Haan to go along with Murphy - the defensive d-man quotient just went up quite a bit. Their 5v5 defense and PK should be much improved which was Priority #1 this off season. Now improve the forward depth and the Hawks should be in the hunt for a playoff spot...
  17. EbonyRaptor

    2019/20 Roster and Camp Battles

    Dispensing with details, the following lineup is after Anisimov is traded and Nikita Gusev is acquired from Vegas. Gusev-Toews-Kane Cat-Strome-Perlini Saad-Dach-Sikura Caggiula-Kampf-Kubalik Keith-Gustafsson Maatta-Jokiharju Dahlstrom-Murphy (Seabrook)
  18. EbonyRaptor

    ESPN analyst- bears had worst offseason

    There are always "ifs" heading into a season and the Bears have a bunch. To name a few: if Montgomery can be the playmaker we hope - that's an upgrade. If the Bears can avoid the injury bug as well as last season - they should be at least as good if not better overall. If the Bears don't lose...
  19. EbonyRaptor

    2019 Draft

    I'm an old codger and the memory ain't what it used to be but I'm pretty sure I never called anyone diseased based on their political views. In fact I really couldn't care less what anyone's political views are and never did. My problem with political views was when they were espoused on this...
  20. EbonyRaptor

    2019 Draft

    I lurk. :cool: