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  1. Bears to resign Israel Idonije

    There's nothing wrong with Idonije, definitely not our biggest need for an upgrade. Izzy gets the job done, don't know you think he's only valuable as a backup.
  2. CCS Post your Picture

    If you look in the background you can see the garfield and rainbow posters on my spanish teachers wall. It's safe to say he enjoys dick.
  3. NFL Week 1 Pick-Em Thread

    No @ gb atl @ chi ind @ hou buf @ kc ten @ jac cin @ cle phi @ stl pit @ bal det @ tb min @ sd nyg @ was car @ ari sea @ sf dal @ nyj ne @ mia oak @ den
  4. Is Roy Williams the Bears version of Carlos Boozer?

    I hope you aren't judging him off one big season surrounded by 7 completely different seasons. That season is a huge outlier compared to the rest of his career stats. Besides that season, he has averaged 40 receptions, 5 touchdowns and 556 yards a year. Those numbers are awfully similar to...
  5. Is Roy Williams the Bears version of Carlos Boozer?

    Roy Williams has always been an underachiever. So in my opinion, he's right on par here in Chicago.
  6. XXL: 2Pac's Greatest Song Tournament

    I've always thought he was overrated because of his death. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Devin Hester involved in Miami allegations

    Basically getting people to trust you with their money in a fake investment. Then turning around and keeping the money or using it selfishly.
  8. Northwestern Purple Court

    If done right it could look good. Tough to pull off though.
  9. Does Devin Look....Bulkier....To Anyone Else?

    I like penis in and around my mouth, is there something wrong with that? [/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER]
  10. (360) Official CCS Online Dynasty Thread : *Advanced---PLAY UR GAMES OR YOU'RE BOOTED

    Did I get booted? My brothers a giant douche and took the xbox with him, so I haven't been playing.
  11. What is so appealing about Kanye West?

    Because he's actually an artist and his music has meaning, unlike shitty rappers who just spew garbage.
  12. Top 10 posters

    I came into this thread with high hopes...I left teary eyed.
  13. (360) Official CCS Online Dynasty Thread : *Advanced---PLAY UR GAMES OR YOU'RE BOOTED

    Interesting, I'm not seeing these problems with my #2 Oregon Ducks :smug:
  14. Skills' Tag Shop | Yeah...GFX & Stuff.

    No, I just wouldn't because my computer doesn't deserve my piss. /JamesHarrison.
  15. Skills' Tag Shop | Yeah...GFX & Stuff.

    I've been training..I went deep in the mountains where no one could break my concentration. I came back with an infinite amount of PS guru ability.
  16. Skills' Tag Shop | Yeah...GFX & Stuff.

    I'd beg to differ. Sig battle to settle it all? You put what you think is your best work up against what I think mine is.....unless you're afraid? :smug:
  17. [img]

  18. The Official why does every thread need to be the official one?

    Because all I need is a whistle...and a bitch named kystal to suck my pistol.
  19. NCAA 12 Discussion Thread *ROSTERS are OUT*

    Yep, the number 1 guy was 18-2 with lower average opponent level. I'm not quite sure how the rankings work. I was top hundred for like an hour, back when I had the game before everyone else. lol.