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  1. Diehardfan

    RIP Brooks Robinson

    Good call, I wasn't even thinking pitchers.
  2. Diehardfan

    I think we’re going to have to worry about Jordan Love being great, guys.

    Does it really make a difference? They've had HOF QBs for the last 30 years.....30 fucking years....and won 2 Super Bowls. yeah, yeah, yeah....big time regular season stuff. Who the hell cares? The best part is looking at all those green and gold crying faces as they get bumped out again. So...
  3. Diehardfan

    David Ross

    But hey, it's a result oriented business right? No playoffs, no job. So every year 18 managers get fired, right? Got to love the "fans" that show up around playoff time.
  4. Diehardfan

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Chiefs (Across Town KC Throwdown: Udderly Clowned Edition)

    35 page thread at halftime. When do you people say enough is enough? What can anyone say, that hasn't been said. The Bears safely got me 15 points in the Confidence Pool, at this point that's all that's left this year.
  5. Diehardfan

    David Ross

    The only reason Ross gets launched is because the GM is totally inept. By not selling at the deadline and holding on too long to Stroman, he has Ross in a position where he must win with a team incapable of doing so. Hoyer's half assed attempt at buying was laughable. I said a month ago this was...
  6. Diehardfan

    Is DJ Moore a good enough WR for Justin Fields?

    You got a problem with that?
  7. Diehardfan

    David Ross

    Thank you, sir. It's always good to eat a little crow now and then. I've done it myself more than a few times. Just a heads up....the latest nitwit on the Forum is looking for a buddy.....apparently, you're it. Counsel is riding the coattails for the Brewer staff, he's more lucky than good...
  8. Diehardfan

    Nate Davis Has A Death In The Family - Not Traveling With The Team

    If you're right, it would make sense. My wife is a hospice nurse and I've heard a lot of stories. The vast majority of the time it's much harder on the family than the his taking off to be with them is far more important in his life than a fucking football game.
  9. Diehardfan

    David Ross

    Uh oh.....looks like the wind changed again.
  10. Diehardfan

    David Ross

    LOL, nicely played. I haven't heard that used in a long time.
  11. Diehardfan

    B-Hawks 2023-2024 Season Thread of Bedard

    You're right. Most people would say..."meh, a numbers cruncher". In 16 months, he's gone from a "cruncher" to a GM of a ML baseball team. That is one HUGE jump to make. This guy must bring a ton to the table.
  12. Diehardfan

    Report: Bears victims of raid at Soldier Field

    LOL, you just can't give it up, can you?
  13. Diehardfan

    David Ross

    I'm not exactly sure what it's good for. It's an easily skewed stat that doesn't prove much of anything as you pointed out. I think the Cubs were near the top of MLB in double digit scoring games yet 8 or 9 teams had a bigger differential.
  14. Diehardfan

    David Ross

    Yes they are....he's never been this deep into a season making reg starts and never had this many starts. Funny, how pitchers these days are so brittle. Back in the day starters used to throw 130-140 pitches, throw complete games and almost never miss a start.
  15. Diehardfan

    David Ross

    He made the "ignore" list yesterday......he's got nothing I'm interested in. Another new guy posted and pegged him as a 12 year old. Not a bad guess.
  16. Diehardfan

    David Ross

    Well, that's great to hear. Means the Cubs have probably got the right manager in place.
  17. Diehardfan

    David Ross

    The handling of the pitching staff is where managers earn their keep and considering he was handed a combination of unproven kids, guys coming off injury and other team's castoffs by management....Ross done a nice job of holding things together. Lineups are usually dictated by injury and the...
  18. Diehardfan

    Must WIN! Let's Go!

    Two names for you...... Mervis Schwindel
  19. Diehardfan

    NL Wild Card Scoreboard Watching

    Good heads up first post. Last year the White Sox played nearly 100 games vs teams with losing records and finished at .500. It's more important how you play, than who you play.
  20. Diehardfan

    Must WIN! Let's Go!

    Gees,man. The kid has two hits...a liner that should've been caught and a wind blown homer and you're penciling him in to replace Happ. Maybe just a few more ABs, just a few? :obama: