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  1. SouthSida773

    The Bears are 2 years away

    2 years away from being 2 years away!!
  2. SouthSida773

    Best team in NFC North now?

    I don’t know what some of y’all are watching but Detroit could possibly be terrifying next season. It would be just our luck that Detroit builds a fuckin dynasty right after Rodgers is gone.
  3. SouthSida773

    Mack done for the season

    Trade him for a 1st & a 2nd and call it a day.
  4. SouthSida773

    Nagy definitively says Fields can’t win the starting job for Week 1

    If Fields starts Week 1 vs that rams Dline the entire staff needs to be fired. Clean house.
  5. SouthSida773

    Deadspin: Bears are Frauds

    Foles doesn’t get hot until playoff time
  6. SouthSida773

    PSA - Please Stop Posting Politically Charged Stuff In The Bears Forum

    So wait let me get this straight. 80% of the post on here is a bunch of dudes arguing back and forth like bitches about everything non-related to bears football and the mods do NOTHING about it, but the moment someone makes a thread about The bears organization’s comments on George Floyd, it has...
  7. SouthSida773

    Bears sign Mingo

    Mack has to give up that jersey now
  8. SouthSida773

    Jimmy Graham to Bears

    Same old bears lmao
  9. SouthSida773

    Raiders 5th round pick became a 7th

    Atleast we’ll have the first pick in the draft next year. I say it’s a win.
  10. SouthSida773

    Schedule Release

    Early prediction Chicago wins in a close one 52-7
  11. SouthSida773

    Fangio new HC for denver

    Yesssss!! Finally!! Dude was so overrated
  12. SouthSida773

    Fangio Donatell, Gase Loggains

    Vic Fangio is the most overrated bears coach of all time with Mike Ditka being a close 2nd.
  13. SouthSida773

    This Season Will Forever Be an Anecdote Remembered By NFL Lore

    This was NOT a super bowl team lol. Definitely a good team though.
  14. SouthSida773

    I know no one wants to hear this right now, This one hurts, but

    Nah sorry he's not a franchise qb. Sad thing is we have to deal with it for atleast 3 more years.
  15. SouthSida773

    Alshon Jeffery - starting the trash talking

    Someone needs to hit Jeffries in the mouth Sunday