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  1. DrGonzo

    Top 10 Reasons Bears Suck

    Got as far as "Travis Gipson"
  2. DrGonzo

    Must WIN! Let's Go!

    Must but didn't
  3. DrGonzo

    Must WIN! Let's Go!

    What in the absolute fuck was that
  4. DrGonzo

    Must WIN! Let's Go!

    Fucking rookie.
  5. DrGonzo

    Alan Williams Situation

    Since 1964 I've wanted to be a real Bears fan but sadly have been falling short. Thank you for showing me the way.
  6. DrGonzo

    Bears will beat the Chiefs! **calledit**

    Your best bet is to delete this because most of us are drunk and/or stupid and will probably forget about it within five minutes.
  7. DrGonzo

    How long until you embrace the second tank?

    The point of the tank was to build around a franchise qb still on rookie contract. If they gotta start all the way over again including drafting another QB I'm just gonna tune out for a while.
  8. DrGonzo

    Alan Williams Situation

    I have no idea.
  9. DrGonzo

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Chiefs (Across Town KC Throwdown: Udderly Clowned Edition)

    KC: 148 Bears: -13 (But it won't be that close).
  10. DrGonzo

    Alan Williams Situation

    I keep wondering about all those "insider" tweets the first day saying this is so bad you'll regret it later if you make jokes about it now. Burglary doesn't quite sound that bad to me, unless maybe it was someone in his family who was responsible?
  11. DrGonzo

    How Will You Spend Your Sundays?

    Since the Bears crashed on takeoff, leaving a smoking hole in the ground, what will you do with the time you would have spent watching the games?
  12. DrGonzo

    Must WIN! Let's Go!

    Cubs season ends not with a bang but a whimper. At least I saw them win it all once before I die, which is more than my dad could say.
  13. DrGonzo

    Is Poles a genius?

    Yeah but is he a stable genius.
  14. DrGonzo


    Who would buy it?
  15. DrGonzo

    Is this the Regime of Personal Issues?

    Personally I'm undecided about watching the game this weekend.
  16. DrGonzo

    Is Week One the New Preseason Week 4?

    I had the same thought. The Bears brain trust skipped preseason and decided not to play their staters meaningfully until week one. I bet they don't do that again next year.
  17. DrGonzo

    Our trenches are bad
  18. DrGonzo

    *** OFFICAIL *** fire everyone thread. Bears Fans Only

    Unprepared and outcoached in every phase. Not sure how you have months to prepare and look like you spent no time preparing. The play call on 3rd and 1 on the first drive told me Getsy is out of his depth.
  19. DrGonzo

    Do You Think Fields Can Crack the Top 12 This Year?

    Short answer yes he can be top 12 this year. Longer answer who knows if he can make PFF list of top 12 because part of PFF's algorithm probably has to do with how many paisleys are on the wallpaper in each qb's guest bathroom.