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  1. Dan’s Weirder report on Texans draft plans

    Probably. He's only a top 20 recruit of all time coming out of high school.

    Why do you keep saying he was the #3 receiver? He clearly wasn't and by far outproduced both Wilson and Olave. Referencing Wilson and Olave as "better players" when both Wilson and Olave have said the opposite is quite the take.

    JSN was the go-to guy even with Olave and Wilson on the team. He had about as many yards as those two combined, so I can guarantee you he did not have "#3 CBs" on him. And the ONE game he played without Wilson and Olave? 15 catches, 350 yards, 3 TDs.
  4. **OFFICAIL** Bears Offseason News & Schleisse - FTO Preferred - No ALTS! Derailing Is Discouraged!

    Yeah because Jake Moody consistently played in perfect whether at Michigan. If we don't draft him I am no longer a fan.
  5. C J Stroud

    Also don't like Levis but NFL stats are very different compared to college stats. NFL teams are much more stylistically similar, while competition wise, have more of a level play field. That's not even close to true for college football. Also gotta take into account potential when evaluating...
  6. **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    Tbh it's a legit question and I'm curious to know where you're hearing that. If PFF is actually getting people from non-football-cultured countries to do their grading, then it's a big red flag. If you're just making that shit up then it's pretty clear what your motivation is.
  7. **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    Where are you getting information that PFF has contracted graders from South Asia? Or are you just being racist for fun? Or are you simply seeing certain PFF employees with South Asian descent and choosing to believe that they know nothing about football as a result of their looks?
  8. **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    If "taking their foot off the gas" or "resting starters" were such large factors, you'd think that more QBs of bad teams would have solid stats, let alone elite stats. That isn't the case. QBs on bad teams generally have their stats depreciated, not the other way around. It's absolutely...
  9. The Player's Tribune: Tarik Cohen

    Sounds like he's found a bit of juice in his legs again and is excited to come back. But he also did write "it will feel like you can’t take much more, and that if one more bad thing happens to you, you’re probably going to check out," which isn't great because the editor's note mentions that...
  10. The Player's Tribune: Tarik Cohen

    Unless I’m mistaken, the editor’s note is a pretty significant piece of “news” is it not? Just so sad.
  11. HHM's Mega Mock Merge

    PFF allows you to skew the randomness of the draft. If you leave it on default it’s the most realistic site.
  12. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    The problem exists specifically within coaching/management. Being black as a PLAYER isn't generally an issue anymore, and the whole DeShaun Watson case is a disgusting example of that. There is just no excuse for there being such comparatively little representation in coaching/management. I...
  13. Mock Draft Simulator - ProFootballNetwork

    You can change the randomness on the PFF simulator. There's also a slider to change how much the simulation weighs the PFF board vs the public board.
  14. Bears Free Agency only

    Who said we weren't willing to pay Allen 8 per year? The only FA signings that haven't been market "overpays" are re-signings. It's almost certain that he stayed with the Rams on a discount. Same can be said for Gallup.
  15. *OFFICIAL* Free Agent Tampering begins 12:00pm est today

    When are people gonna realize that no one is going to like any deal in FA? EVERY first-wave FA is going to be an overpay unless it's a re-sign or a discount to a certain team for whatever reason.
  16. Who Called plays in the 2nd half?

    I would say that the ceiling of a team primarily running the ball while using traditional PA and roll-outs is quite low. Eg. we saw this in the second Packers game last year, where we executed the offense to near perfection early on and still couldn't keep up. You're going to need to be able...
  17. Justin Fields - Preseason Game 1 Review

    Agree with almost all of this but there's a few that I would contend: Run 1: I think Fields made the safe play by just tucking it and running (ignoring the fumble on the play). Yes, he could have thrown it with one foot behind the LOS at the last millisecond, but I don't expect any QB or human...
  18. I’ve seen All I’ve Needed to See

    Not sure if you saw the throw, but it was barely across is body, if at all. He threw it straight ahead but it looked "across his body" because his momentum was carrying him to the side. It was also a dot that was perfectly placed, low and only at a spot where the WR could make a play.
  19. Halftime = BlackRainbow

    There are 32 teams in the NFL. Not having a SB in 35 years is not some astronomical upset. In fact it's quite normal.