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  1. ignignokt

    Justin Fields gets Arlington done

    As long as they keep the current grounds crew I'm all for it.
  2. ignignokt

    They drafted a r3tard

    If he's fast,can catch, and can run the route tree, who gives a F*(k?
  3. ignignokt

    Nagy to call plays

    Great, Nagy's play calling is the same as an arena football team. Why? Because he was a middle of the road arena QB and his expansive offensive mindset is that of an Arena football QB. We are once again doomed.
  4. ignignokt

    SI Article: 10 Reasons why R. Wilson trade still in play

    If the Seahawks traded away Russell Wilson they'd be the Bears, why would you want to do that?
  5. ignignokt

    Foles named the starter for Sunday

    We actually had an NFL QB play a quarter and a half in Atlanta on Sunday. Being a Bears fan this was a very awkward feeling. Mitch can't read a defense and probably never will.
  6. ignignokt

    Do bears fans need to get over mahomes and watson?

    Just be glad it was the Chiefs and Texans and not the Vikings and Packers that drafted them.
  7. ignignokt

    ***OFFICIAL*** Thursday Night IGT: Bears vs Cowboys (#MITCHISBACK Edition)

    I'll take Thursday night so I won't blow my Sunday watching Pagano's crap scheme and Nagy's failure to establish a running game to play action out of.
  8. ignignokt

    We drafted Adam shaheen over George kittle

    If you need to draft a Tight End you draft an Iowa Hawkeye. It's that simple.
  9. ignignokt

    Trubisky would literally never be able to do this

    Thought we were jumping up to grab Watson.... When I heard Mitchell's name called I looked at my two sons and said "I am going to go hang myself" Damn you Ryan Pace you fucking idiot
  10. ignignokt

    Hi Guys!

    Is this you?
  11. ignignokt

    Trade News

    Mitch's press conference after trade deadline
  12. ignignokt

    Trade News

    In the immortal voice of Lovie Smith "Mitch is our Quarterback, we got a lot of footbaw to go"
  13. ignignokt

    Brian Baldinger breaks down RB David Montgomery [Video]

    Thank God Baldy's Pinkie didn't make an appearance
  14. ignignokt

    Hicks breaks down how to make Olinemen look silly with..

    Could they have blurred out the pinky?
  15. ignignokt

    Rowekwon Smith highest rated rookie defender

    Anthony Miller- Getting really excited about this receiver.. Already he has a chip on his shoulder and feels so disrespected..Hope he takes away that Kevin White regret
  16. ignignokt

    Is this where I go to make a thread about nothing?

    Best Mock draft thread this year
  17. ignignokt

    Not buying it

    Of course he isn't buying it.. Old people are on a fixed income. Unless he want to eat dog food that month.
  18. ignignokt

    Tommie Harris visits Halas Hall

    I knew a guy that played center against Tommie when he was at Oklahoma. Said "He was the fastest player he ever played against. He was in the backfield before I even had the ball to the QB" " I held every play of that game and only got called for holding once, think the refs felt sorry for me"
  19. ignignokt

    Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame

    If you draft Nelson and he becomes an 8 year starter with the possibility of pro bowl appearances would it be a bad pick at #8? it's the safest pick if he is still there, Solidify a young O-Line.
  20. ignignokt

    Wide outs in the draft

    Would be awesome if we got Allen Lazard in later rounds.. Big possession receiver with a great work ethic and great attitude. Decent speed 4.6 for a 6-5 receiver. Watched him play a lot of games the past 2-3 years and he catches everything thrown at him and knows how to box out the cornerbacks.