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    Season record prediction

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    Patriots Move up with BEARs to the 8th pick in the NFL draft *Prediction*

    Patriots are going to draft the qb out of Richmond Kyle Lauletta
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    Malik Hooker vs. Jamal Adams

    Kevin King is going to be drafted in the first round, no way he falls to the third. Maybe Desmond king in the third though
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    Clemson Pro Day today

    George needs to stay the fuck in his high tower with Ted Phillips and let the people who know football do their jobs without him or Sweatty Teddy interfering.
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    Jordan Howard Disappointed in Bears?

    The team that never gave up last year will beg to differ that they don't want to play for Fox. Look at Trestman's 2nd year and you will see players not playing for their coaches.
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    Lamar Jackson 2018

    Sam Darnold is far and away the better prospect. It's like the RG3 vs Luck comparison. Darnold is going to be great. Rosen is a better NFL prospect than Jackson
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    Free Agency Rumors and Signings [Entire NFL]

    None of those are an upgrade at left tackle. Wagner would be a great pickup for the right side, since cutting Massie wouldn't carry any dead money.
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    Entering year 3 of rebuild and.......

    Well we upgraded from our best offensive player from 2015 with and even better player. That would be Jordan Howard.
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    The Offseason Prediction Game

    This is the offseason prediction game. Predict what the Bears offseason will look like and win no prizes, but internet prestige. 1. Who will be the most talented QB on the Bears roster after the draft? [3 points] Mitch Trubisky 2. What city will Alshon be playing in? [2 points] Philadelphia...
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    SuperDitkaMan's Nagy and Pace Thread

    Howard actually reminds me of Lynch the way he runs the ball. Great vision and power. Don't care if he acts like Lynch also as long as he is producing like an elite back
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    3 Bears rookies on All Rookie Team

    This actually happened, it was discussed in an interview when he was first hired, that he would keep the system the scouts had been using throughout the year since it was so late in the process and he would implement his system once that draft was over.
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    3 Bears rookies on All Rookie Team

    Pace was late getting signed as our gm and was unable to implement his scouting style and grading techniques so he went with what the scouts had already been working on. Pace was able to put in his grading system for scouting in 2016 and the results from year one to two are there for you to see.
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    What You Leaning Toward == QB?

    I have a feeling we are going to draft Kaaya in round 2 and a defensive playmaker in round 1
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    Kizer is the only potential NFL starter if you know anything

    He is a lot bigger than Taylor though. I just think he will develop in to a very good player and we could grab Hooker in the first and still get Evans later. If he falls to round 3 that would be good value. He definitely needs more experience but the size and talent is there. The touch he...
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    Kizer is the only potential NFL starter if you know anything

    How come no one is talking about Jerod Evans QB from Virginia Tech, he has a lot of skill but only has played 1 year of big time ball. He outplayed Trubisky all year and crushed him head to head. He is slated to go day 2 and would have been a 1st round selection in 2018. He has size, can make...
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    Have you ever asked yourself..

    Adrian Peterson much? Marshawn Lynch? Those are 2 backs that teams built their offenses around
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    Who gives a shit where you pick? I enjoy watching this young team upset the division leaders. Find the talent where you draft, it can be done.
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    Barkley's accuracy has been on point. Very impressed with his composure this game. the key factor is feeding Howard though. He has some deceptive speed.
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    Bullard not active

    You guys do know that the 2016 draft class was set up with the way Pace likes to scout and what he looks for. In 2015 since they were late to the game he went with Emery's old system because that is what the scouts had been using to scout their prospects that year. I remember reading it on...
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    Bears Beantown vacation Tweets and notes.

    What did I do to get called out?