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  1. The Galloping Ghost

    Peter King to The Pelican Neck & Motorized Walmart Shopping Cart Show: Poles Never Convinced JF Is Their Franchise QB

    People keep saying Fields is "broken". But he's been the exact same player for 2+ years in the NFL that he was in college. All his flaws were there in college. He is the problem, not the coaches, not the situation. He is a very, very bad quarterback. I think people are blinded by his awesome raw...
  2. The Galloping Ghost

    Stop with the draft a QB at #1 nonsense!

    Except the QB is a huge problem. He is not an NFL quarterback. He never has been an NFL.quarterback. he can't play from the pocket, can't read an NFL defense. A lot of you seem to be in denial about how bad Justin Fields is. He's every bit as bad as Zach Wilson. Maybe worse. Get Caleb...
  3. The Galloping Ghost

    If the Bears end up with the #1 overall pick - Caleb Williams or Drake Maye and why?

    It's not a trap. It's the only way out. Just because they picked the wrong QB before doesn't mean they should stop trying. That's stupid. If they habe the number one pick they take Caleb Williams. It's a no brainer. Receivers don't win championships.
  4. The Galloping Ghost

    PFF Offensive Lineman Grades

    And one of them was 100% not his fault. Kmet was initially lined up to his right and then for some unknown reason released into the B gap. Wright couldn't possibly have made that block because Kmet was literally standing where he had to go, and then instead of helping, Kmet just fucks off. No...
  5. The Galloping Ghost

    This team

    Such bullshit. The McKaskeys aren't apathetic. They're incompetent. There is a difference. To suggest this is somehow on the fans is fucking idiotic.
  6. The Galloping Ghost

    This team

    The fuck you talking about? Fans deserve credit. Right. If only Bears fans had been criticizing the team on a message board! Or on talk radio! Everything would be different!! Stupid fans. This is their fault. News flash. Nothing any fan says or does has any impact on any NFL team anywhere ever.
  7. The Galloping Ghost

    How Will You Spend Your Sundays?

    Is this, like, your first season watching the Bears or something?
  8. The Galloping Ghost

    Alan Williams Situation

    I have a theory. Maybe you all can stop acting like you have any idea what's going on? If it's criminal, we'll find out. If it's not, we might never know. Either way, all this insane speculation is just a ridiculous waste of time. Seriously. Do something with yourselves. This is sad. And for...
  9. The Galloping Ghost

    Alan Williams Situation

    Was that before or after Halas Hall was raided?
  10. The Galloping Ghost

    Justin throwing coaches under the bus?

    Bad look for Justin. Doesn't matter what's going on behind the scenes. Gonna make it much harder for him to find his next gig. NFL coaches and GMs do not like players airing their dirty laundry in public. Though I really enjoy the "Justin Fields sucks! Oh wait, Justin says it's the coaches...
  11. The Galloping Ghost

    Alan Williams Situation

    Maybe he killed someone? Could he be a Russian spy? Or an alien???? Is it so hard to wait for someone to actually report what's going on?
  12. The Galloping Ghost

    Tim Jenkins on hoge and jahns

    Yeah but his mechanics were always messed up. This is the thing. Players aren't robots. They have habits and ways of doing things that are basically ingrained. The might be ale to clean some things up but ultimately quarterback either have it or they don't. This is why Fields dropped in the...
  13. The Galloping Ghost

    Tim Jenkins on hoge and jahns

    I think at this point it's clear Fields is a long, long way from being able to play QB in the pocket in the NFL. He's bad at pretty much everything required. Coaches can't make a guy drop faster. They can't fix his footwork for him. He has all the same bad habits he had in college. This is who...
  14. The Galloping Ghost

    Do you trust Kevin Warren?

    I trust him more than the McKaskeys or Ted Phillips. But of course that's the lowest imaginable bar.
  15. The Galloping Ghost

    Time of Possession lopsided

    Honestly, all things considered I thought the defense was not terrible. 20 points is good enough to win. As far atheist t.o.p., If the offense could sustain drives that number is less lopsided.
  16. The Galloping Ghost

    It wasn’t Fields fault

    They have problems everywhere. The issue is when you have guys open, decent protection and your quarterback just stands there like a deer in headlights it doesn't matter what's around him. We're seeing that asking Fields to run a modern NFL offense is simply not sustainable. He's just sooooo...
  17. The Galloping Ghost

    David Montgomery

    2.4 a carry, 5.6 per catch?? Dynamic!!
  18. The Galloping Ghost

    It wasn’t Fields fault

    Yeah, he had plays and just stood there. He looks lost.
  19. The Galloping Ghost

    It wasn’t Fields fault

    What do you do with a quarterback who can't process what's happening in front of him? The Bears have lots of problems. Fields is, unfortunately, one of the biggest.