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  1. Official 2023 Training Camp thread

    Come on mods, how much of this do we need to see?
  2. **OFFICAIL** Bears Offseason News & Schleisse - FTO Preferred - No ALTS! Derailing Is Discouraged!

    Nice to see all the introspection going on, instead of who started it. Be good to see some football being discussed again. There was a brief period when everyone was adhering to the keep it about mainly football and it was very nice indeed. You guys actually post some great stuff when you keep...
  3. **OFFICAIL** Bears Offseason News & Schleisse - FTO Preferred - No ALTS! Derailing Is Discouraged!

    Like I said you create wasted space on a regular basis. Take some personal responsibility for derailing and maybe others might also.
  4. **OFFICAIL** Bears Offseason News & Schleisse - FTO Preferred - No ALTS! Derailing Is Discouraged!

    Way to get this thread off track. What a waste of space you create.
  5. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Pumpkin Heads vs Commanders (The B-List Late Show Tryst: Decked 'N Sunkist Edition)

    Anyone know if Amazon prime can be taped? I won't be home and want to tape the game.
  6. ***Week 1 JERSEY GIVEAWAY***

    455 yards 37 points Thanks for the give away
  7. **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    This board could be amazing without the nonsense from people who think they are being clever I guess. Thanks to the moderator for attempting to control the ongoing nonsense. I have actually enjoyed reading this thread due to your efforts.
  8. Doug Buffone passed away..

    Very very sad to hear this news. We have lost another Bear legend that was truly all about what the Monsters of the Midway epitomized. I remember when I was young and didnt really understand football, I knew about Butkus and Buffone. I loved the Doug and OB show after the game, and was the...
  9. Haha Packers

    I thanked your post just for you gif. Who is that?
  10. Haha Packers

    The Packers suck and they couldnt have lost in a better fashion lol. I love to watch the hope get sucked out of their fan base. Perfect end to the Bears season.
  11. Does anyone feel bad for Packers ?

    Feel bad for the Packers???? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Packers suck, Rodgers sucks, Packers fans suck and win lose or draw the Packers will always and forever SUCK.
  12. Bears Press Conference Thread

    I agree, realgm for the bulls is great. I wish there was a Bear chat room/message board that actually talked about the Bears. This is mostly full of posters who think they are more interesting then the Bears. Never seen so much useless chatter from so many so called Bears fans.
  13. Tech support- IOS devices not connecting to CCS

    Me too, first time I got in since last week.