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  1. E.F.Hutton

    What could be behind the push to have BAGENT elevated to #2 ? ....

    A. It's preseason. There are a lot of preseason heros. B. If the backup quarterback is good enough to threaten Fields' job I don't care what color he is. Or how much controversy he creates. Can you imagine the Bears with two good quarterbacks? It would herald the apocalypse.
  2. E.F.Hutton

    What Chicago Bear Would You Like to Go On a Double Date With?

    For me it would be anyone on the D line cuz if I run out they wouldn't be able to stop me.
  3. E.F.Hutton

    Would you be feeling better or worst if Poles got the bears one of these two players from the Carolina in the trade for #one rather than instead of D

    To answer your first question, I'd feel worse. Horn woud be a nice piece in the Bears backfield but I'm not sure he would be an upgrade. Both Burns and Moore are upgrades but I think an edge rusher will be easier to find in this years draft. So I think Poles made the right choice. Your second...
  4. E.F.Hutton

    With the First overall pick the Chicago Bears...(First pick discussion only)

    ya, it was a joke. Sounded like the most moron thing the Bears could do. Seriously, the Bears need to trade down; just not too far. There are so many holes on this team it's easier to list the areas that don't need an upgrade (quarterback). And even with 100+ million and the first pick there...
  5. E.F.Hutton

    Last 10 NFL Draft Results - for those not wanting to trade down

    You make some good points. Probably a better comparison would be the top five against 5-10, then against 10-15 etc. but I don't have the time or patience to do it. I'm thankful for all the info you have already compiled. Bottom line; it's going to take some monumental stupid to screw this up...
  6. E.F.Hutton

    If the bears own the 4th pick in the draft...

    Center, 3T, and WR are this teams biggest needs. You can switch the order any way you want but there is no way you take a center with the 4th pick. So unless there is a WR or 3T that can help the team right now a trade down is the best bet. The Bears need an upgrade everywhere (except...
  7. E.F.Hutton

    Grade the Bears Rookies So Far

    I give Gordon a D. Never during a game have I said about Gordon, "that's another good play." I have said 'crap' multiple times, in the same game. Like you, I give Brisker a B+. Not only was he a great pick for the Bears and Eddie Jackson, he has played above his draft status all year long...
  8. E.F.Hutton

    Vendetta against the Bears

    She wouldn't let Goodell sniff her feet?
  9. E.F.Hutton

    OT- Are Refs Cheating?

    Exactly. The refs have an incredible amount of power and almost zero responsibility. The majority of refs I'm sure are good people who take their jobs seriously. But if a ref doesn't like one of your players or the coach it's going to be a long day. Add in the crazy amount of money in this...
  10. E.F.Hutton

    The Cowboys can be had

    I no longer predict wins and losses. I was convinced the Bears would beat the Commanders and lose to the Patriots so........ That said, the Cowboys have a crazy good pass defense and it will be interesting to see what Getsy, Fields and company can do. To me the game Sunday looks like an old...
  11. E.F.Hutton

    Tonga played well in 15 games but now Poles literally kicks him to the curb? [Football only posts allowed]

    I think they may have made a mistake. Tonga may not be a starter in Eberflus's scheme but would be quality depth.
  12. E.F.Hutton

    Now that you’ve seen an entire Poles off-season how are you feeling CCS?

    Grasu was not solid. Amos was the only player out of that draft that was any good at all. And he's on the Packers.
  13. E.F.Hutton

    Only the Bears REALLY wanted Alex Leatherwood

    That's a fair assessment. Not every player has to be a star, even if I want them to be. :cool:
  14. E.F.Hutton

    Now that you’ve seen an entire Poles off-season how are you feeling CCS?

    As a long time Bears fan who still believes defense wins championship I liked the Eberflus hire. As a modern football fan I really liked the Getsy hire. Which was probably an Eberflus hire but still reflects well on Poles. I also liked his first draft but for full disclosure I also liked Pace's...
  15. E.F.Hutton

    Only the Bears REALLY wanted Alex Leatherwood

    Why they signed him (Leatherwood). They already have projects at RT and RG and I don't think Leatherwood is better than Jenkins or Borom. I'm sure the Bears staff knows their personnel better than I but as I said, the only way I see it working is if Leatherwood backs up (and hopefully learns...
  16. E.F.Hutton

    Watts could make it easier to trade Quinn

    I believe Watts was a defensive end in a 3-4. He should play inside In Eberflus's 4-3. I agree with your article in that the pickup of Watts means more to the Bears but don't think it has much of a bearing on Quinn's status.
  17. E.F.Hutton

    Only the Bears REALLY wanted Alex Leatherwood

    I don't really get it. Instead, it points out just how substandard our line is/was. A mid first round pick released after one year is going to be a big name. Not necessarily a big time player. The only way I see this working is if Leatherwood slides to left guard as an eventual replacement...
  18. E.F.Hutton

    OT: Washington set to announce new team name on Feb. 2nd

    Like a lot of posters I would go with Washington Football Team. It can be shortened to WFT which can easily be confused with WTF so there's that little bonus.
  19. E.F.Hutton

    Which QB in 2021 NFL Draft will be the best?

    My bad - he went to a Super Bowl. Not a SF fan so don't keep up with them all that close. Still an impressive feat considering his average talent and inability to stay healthy.