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  1. This thread is for the top pick next year

    Panthers will be good. I don't think there's much of a chance they'll vie for a top pick. In the future the bears will be known as the franchise that passed on Mahomes and Bryce Young. I hope I'm wrong. Like very wrong.
  2. Jalen Carter subject of Arrest Warrant

    Sad situation. Also, kind of makes it less valuable to drop to the 4th pick and miss out on Will Anderson Jr. if trading down is the move. At this point, you trade with Houston or draft Young and trade Fields.
  3. Bryce Young is one of the QB best prospects in decades

    For real. It's wild that people get offended to even think of the possibility to draft Young and trade Fields. I don't see why it's so inconceivable to think or wish the bears would draft a QB. For one, we have no clue how it'll play out. Two, Fields showed some promise, yet won a mere 3...
  4. Bryce Young is one of the QB best prospects in decades

    Young seems to possess Mahomes-like qualities, and unteachable abilities in terms of reads, progressions, and field awareness. If he miraculously measures near or at 6'0" then the bears would have a pretty tough decision, but I don't see Fields ever being close to the field general as a passer...