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  1. Bears vs 49ers torrent..

    Try getting the games when they first come out. At one point I had a ratio of over 1 for a while doing this.
  2. Bears vs 49ers torrent..

    Stalk them until they do open registration... it's so worth it.
  3. Bears vs 49ers torrent..

    I'm a big fan of 10 yard... Having around 360 games and 10 full seasons is really nice. Let me tell you I had a blast watching 30 min of highlights from the championship game versus the Giants in '44. Sadly, they only allow new members join once in a while.
  4. GarPax, you failed in 2010 and now you failed in 2014 and it's time for you to go!

    I really like what our front office did in trying to get Melo. Listen, they aren't all going to come here. Sure, we haven't landed a big time FA in awhile, but I believe that's more to luck than anything. It's not like we're striking out with 5 superstars every year. If you want someone to...
  5. OTAs update

    I think it's a good idea. Even if the switch doesn't happen in game, I'd like Fuller to get that outside experience. It's not like we had both our top CBs on the field for the whole year last season. They're getting older. And I want Fuller as ready as he can be.
  6. Bears interested in WR Mike Furrey

    I like the fact that he knows Martz's system.. he could help our young receivers learn Martz's playbook. And yeah, dude has good hands.
  7. We need to sign Alan Faneca.;_ylt=AmX2Blt7Zhp5tb9n5Qafxq1DubYF?slug=ap-cardinals-faneca Looks like the Cards got him.
  8. We need to sign Alan Faneca.

    ^ beat me to it. lol
  9. Official Series Thread: Chicago Bulls-vs-Cleveland Cavaliers

    I hope its under 2 days.. but I'm thinking 3 maybe 4 after.
  10. Seattle Mariners @ Chicago Whitesox Series Game Thread

    I guess we'll have to wait and see. One can hope.
  11. Seattle Mariners @ Chicago Whitesox Series Game Thread

    Alright Alex! Two walk offs in a row could give this team some much needed momentum.
  12. We need to sign Alan Faneca.

    I'm glad to hear we are looking into him. I was hoping we would address the line in the draft, but we really didn't. Heres the link
  13. How?

    I agree! So far I think we are looking pretty good. I love your sig by the way.
  14. Hey Chicago fans, my name is Major Wright

    I really like this pick. Besides being well rounded and durable, he seems like a cat who has some leadership skills and a good love for the game.
  15. How?

    I don't... I love Bosh and I think he would fit really well with us. If he does leave I don't think the Raps want to take that hit with him just bouncing to FA, I really think they are going to try their hardest to pull off a sign-and-trade. If that happens that could open the door for a lot...