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  1. ZDemp34

    Cubs Class A Switches to Kane County

    Holy shit. Yes. I live like 15 minutes away from their stadium. I'll definitely be going to some of their games next season
  2. ZDemp34

    A Look Ahead to the Cubs Schedule

    The Cubs are done with the AL by the All-Star Break....okay
  3. ZDemp34

    Periodic call for instant replay review expansion

    Look at the name of the network :troll:
  4. ZDemp34

    Chicago Cubs (51-86) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (72-64) September 7-9

    Hahahaha Campana batting 9th....I love it
  5. ZDemp34


    The Cubs are probably keeping him until Vizcaino comes back from his injury (sometime in 2013)
  6. ZDemp34

    Chicago Cubs (51-82) @ Washington Nationals (81-52) Series Thread: 9/3-9/6

    Castillo threw at Harper. Look at the replay, Clevenger didn't even try to catch it.
  7. ZDemp34

    Nationals GM believes Theo Epstein will turn Cubs' fortunes around very soon

    Mike Rizzo's dad is his assistant GM? That's gotta feel sooooo weird
  8. ZDemp34

    CCS Fantasy Baseball League General Discussion Thread

    JosMin passing me into 1st place in the last week :fist:
  9. ZDemp34

    Chicago Cubs (51-82) @ Washington Nationals (81-52) Series Thread: 9/3-9/6

    Whoever plays first (Socolovich, Chapman, or Recker) will be the 50th different player to appear in a game in a Cubs uniform this season. a lot.
  10. ZDemp34

    Chicago Cubs (51-82) @ Washington Nationals (81-52) Series Thread: 9/3-9/6

    I know the game has already started, but this hasn't been posted yet: CF Mather, 2B Barney, 1B Rizzo, LF Soriano, SS Castro, C Castillo, 3B Vitters, RF Sappelt, P Samardzija
  11. ZDemp34

    What do you have for your TV/Phone/Internet, and are you happy with it?

    I've got the entire AT&T phone/internet/TV package. U-Verse is the best thing ever, and the internet and phone are serviceable. There was just a regional outage a couple days ago, but besides that, everything has worked great since I got it over a year ago.
  12. ZDemp34

    OT: Tigers Say Peace Out To Jeff Baker

    Prepare for a collapse by the Braves, they just got their 4th ex-Cub :troll:
  13. ZDemp34

    After seeing Yoenis Cespedes so far, do you regret the Cubs not signing him?

    I don't regret anything. It's the front office doing the regretting :D
  14. ZDemp34

    San Francisco Giants (73-57) @ Chicago Cubs (50-80) Series Thread

    Bumgarner vs. Volstad - guaranteed loss Lincecum vs. Germano - depends on which Lincecum shows up. Cain vs. Wood - forget it
  15. ZDemp34

    2013 Draft Watch: Cubs clinch #2 pick

    The Astros would have to go 3-30 the rest of the season to match the '03 Tigers.....that's still very, very possible :lol:
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    Toy Story 2. Is hilarious.
  17. ZDemp34

    Anyone think Isaac reaches New Orleans?

    Well I couldn't have been wronger about that :lol:
  18. ZDemp34

    Cubs Obtain Anthony Recker From Oakland

    With the Cubs' luck, Blake Lalli IS the next incarnation of Johnny Bench :cubstroll:
  19. ZDemp34

    Cubs Obtain Anthony Recker From Oakland

    AAA catcher for AAA catcher.....can't get much more minor than that :lol: