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  1. Darnell Mooney

    Ngakoue Singed! 1 year 10.5 mil

    I dont know why he was a FA for so long, he seems very consistently good at bringing in sacks.
  2. Darnell Mooney

    Clipz: Brisker on Fields and Moore

    Im ready to skip 100 days of my life right now.
  3. Darnell Mooney

    The salary cap guy that Pace replaced Stein with is now in Green Bay

    People kinda overlook it but when Poles brought back Stein right away I had a feeling he was already better then Pace.
  4. Darnell Mooney

    OT: IU beats #1 Purdue

    Biggest dub we've seen on this form for some time.
  5. Darnell Mooney

    Jaylin Johnson Score interview today on Parkings and Spiegels 5 pm LIVE RIGHT NOW

    Woah, this is crazy, I cant believe hes saying all this, what an informal thread.
  6. Darnell Mooney

    Fire Fluss; Promote Getsy to HC

    What is Eberflus supposed to do with these scrubs on our d.
  7. Darnell Mooney

    Mooney on the trade block? (CCS certified crack)

    screw it, id prob just go eddie royal.
  8. Darnell Mooney

    Mooney on the trade block? (CCS certified crack)

    When poles got here the guy he seemd to like the most was Mooney, all he did was rave about his work ethic, This seems out of character for poles.
  9. Darnell Mooney

    Mooney on the trade block? (CCS certified crack)

    If I have to change my name again I'm gonna lose it.
  10. Darnell Mooney

    Damn, That Was a Fun Game

    The was the best functioning offense I've seen in a long long time.
  11. Darnell Mooney

    Which QB could thrive on this team?

    Mitchell Trubisky
  12. Darnell Mooney

    Will Justin Fields crack 150 yards against NYG?

    At this point I'm just glad when he hits triple digits.
  13. Darnell Mooney

    OT: Ballard's Disaster

    Ballards biggest issue is him not willing to give up capital do get a future QB. The most he did was a first for wentz, we saw him not do this with wilson, stafford, herbert, ect. If he doesn't do something soon hell prob be out in Indy.
  14. Darnell Mooney

    Bears announce intention for “best in class enclosed stadium” at Arlington Park location

    Just think, by the time we play here justin would be getting his third lombardi and 4th mvp. cant wait
  15. Darnell Mooney

    Lightfoot on Bears: "I'm somebody who likes to plan so we've got plan B, plan C and others in the works as well if the Bears leave"

    Ha its funny to think that she will go down as the mayor who lost the Bears, hard to overcome that.
  16. Darnell Mooney

    Jersey Schedule

    All three of our alternates are better then the mains.
  17. Darnell Mooney

    Going to atlanta game. Need cheap jersy recommendations.

    It is dirt cheap but Ive bout from this seller before and they look good and have held up very nice...