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  1. mattb78

    Desai to the Bears?

    I agree Bienemy needs a look. He needed to distinguish himself from KC and his decision to try and do that at Washington with Sam Howell was questionable. Would have liked to see him go somewhere with a decent QB and put together a real offensive system. If he fails in Washington he may be seen...
  2. mattb78

    PFR: Bears Looking at a Reset?

    Great point. The Bears being old school I would think he has that kind of clout. With Warren having 20 years experience as an NFL exec he knows how pivotal this upcoming draft is for the Bears, especially if they pick in the top 3. If you don't trust Poles you can't let him make those picks.
  3. mattb78

    Fire everyone. Hire Jim Harbaugh.

    I wouldn't blame any college coach post-NIL wanting to leave. Recruiting is a year-round job, then you have to get them NIL money, then you have to keep your players from leaving in the portal. An endless amount of work really. Saban bought a huge home in the offseason and rumors of him...
  4. mattb78

    PFR: Bears Looking at a Reset?

    La Canfora is shit but at least there is talk about this in league.. which gives me hope. A new president would have the power to do something like this. A fresh GM with 2 premium draft picks... that is something with the right guy that could give this franchise a much needed shot in the arm.
  5. mattb78

    Peter King to The Pelican Neck & Motorized Walmart Shopping Cart Show: Poles Never Convinced JF Is Their Franchise QB

    Agreed 100%. The Bears aren't one to can GMs early but this is coming pretty close to the dumpster fire that got Phil Emery fired. I don't want Poles to be the guy to pick a QB for us next season.
  6. mattb78

    Fire everyone. Hire Jim Harbaugh.

    That's pretty harsh but okay. Don't you consider his failure to develop a QB at Michigan an issue? I mean he has had quite a tenure there and hasn't developed a high draft pick that I can remember. No doubt that he did a great job with Luck at Stanford and then with Kapernick in SF. But its...
  7. mattb78

    Fire everyone. Hire Jim Harbaugh.

    For Harbaugh, this is his 9th year at Michigan and it took him 7 to finish in the top 5. Has he even developed a stud QB at Michigan? Very solid defensive coach. He gets way to much credit for Andrew Luck. Better off with a true NFL guy that has a history of developing QBs.
  8. mattb78

    Peter King to The Pelican Neck & Motorized Walmart Shopping Cart Show: Poles Never Convinced JF Is Their Franchise QB

    I have no love for Poles but he was hired after year 1 of Fields when we just spent 2 first round picks on him. You have to give that draft pick a chance. He did and it just didn't work out. Poles is going to get the chance to draft his QB and will be judged on that. The Bears organization...
  9. mattb78

    Fields every Dropback 3rd Game

    I believe the thinking is that Fields has a better chance to pick up the yards with his legs rather than his arm, so they run clear out routes.
  10. mattb78

    Fields every Dropback 3rd Game

    His field vision and processing are awful. As bad or worse than Trubisky. We have had 2 brainless wonders at QB in a row. Cutler and Grossman weren't very cerebral either. We probably haven't had a smart QB since Jim Miller. QBs that can't process make the game look even harder than it is...
  11. mattb78

    If the Bears end up with the #1 overall pick - Caleb Williams or Drake Maye and why?

    Didn't know about the Penix injury history. Wow. Even if flawed, Bears probably should take the best QB on the board. And while likely not the BPA.. you only get so many changes to select the best QB with multiple prospects. It will be a position of need and the QB gets a year to learn while...
  12. mattb78

    If the Bears end up with the #1 overall pick - Caleb Williams or Drake Maye and why?

    I agree on Caleb. His WRs are wide open. He has a smaller frame. Lets see how this season progresses. Penix Jr is also a guy who is going to rise because of his NFL size.
  13. mattb78

    This defense Exposed Flus as DC Guru.

    I think having the least talented DL in the NFL is tough. That being said Flus isn't doing enough to justify not hiring a different coach to develop a young QB the bears likely draft next season.
  14. mattb78

    Lets go QB Gurus ..we know u could have made it happen

    The pro game is too fast for him... as it is for most college QBs. Tale as old as time.
  15. mattb78

    We are officially in year 1 of rebuild

    I like the upbeat attitude Calabis but its Year 2, plain and simple. You can still be a bad team.. but you need to see the young players making contributions. Still early in the season of course.
  16. mattb78

    It’s Time To Trade Justin Fields And Begin The Tank

    We are tanking beautifully with Fields on the roster. Why play a decent backup, get unnecessary wins and play ourselves out of the Caleb Williams sweepstakes?
  17. mattb78


    Poles had this draft by the balls and came out with very little talent. The team is worse now than it was at the end of last season which is hard to imagine. I don't trust Poles to make the selections in the upcoming draft but its very unlikely to let him go at the end of year 2. It should...
  18. mattb78

    College Football Week 4 only talking please threadiest of threads

    FSU is a hard team to figure out right now. Scraped by the last 2 weeks. They play a very weak schedule so very possible they only have one loss.
  19. mattb78

    OT Bryce Young Already Hurt.

    Agreed. Anytime you ignore protoyptical size in QBs you are asking for problems. Tua is bigger than Bryce and he has never even played a full season.
  20. mattb78

    The Worst It Has Ever Been

    Agreed. And we were stuck with Emery, the worst GM in quite awhile.