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  1. Hoiberg not happy with LaVine's shot selection

    LaVine haters are tripping. LaVine and Parker are the only guys who can create a shot. Blankeney is a pure chucker. Let him grow into the role. The talent is there.
  2. The next Jabari Parker!
  3. Trubisky is 8th in QBR

    Moving mountains is firing Lovie Smith/John Fox and getting an offensive mind as head coach and developing an offensive philosophy. Moving mountains is not trading Greg Olson, not making Devin Hester a No.1 receiver, hiring retreads and never was as OCs, having Carimi, Webb and Chris Williams...
  4. Trubisky is 8th in QBR

    Personality is perception. If you dont think Cutlers early years with the Bears did not have an effect on him you are kidding yourselves. Cutlers development ended once he got to the Bears due to bad drafting and instability. Trubisky has a better chance to success with Nagy, Pace and the...
  5. Trubisky is 8th in QBR

    I like Trubisky but I cant help but think what Nagy and Pace could have done with Jay Cutler if they got him at 25 when the Bears acquired him at 2009. Trubisky has great stats but honestly he is closer to RG3 than Aaron Rodgers right now. Cutler was a better pure passer at the same age...
  6. LaVine is looking like a steal!

    6th men don't average 32 points a game. He is definitely a starter. He is an All-Star caliber talent, especially in the East.
  7. LaVine is looking like a steal!

    He is averaging 32 ppg iscoring and shooting 55% and 45% from 3pt. What more do you want? They are so injured not even MJ could win with this. Not with all the 3s being shot. Different game bro.
  8. LaVine is looking like a steal!

    If he stays healthy he will be an All Star. The talent and drive is there.
  9. LaVine is looking like a steal!

    Those percentages are still good. You are judging from last year. He is taking the leap.
  10. LaVine is looking like a steal!

    Have you seen his shooting percentages? LaVine is shooting 62% and 45% from 3 point range. Beyond efficient. 34 points on 15 shots? MJ would struggle to top that.
  11. LaVine is looking like a steal!

    I dont see LaVine changing much.
  12. LaVine is looking like a steal!

    LaVine is legitimately playing at an All Star level. He would commanded a max contract if he was healthy last year. The Butler trade looks better every day.
  13. Jim McMahon was he good or over-rated ? If Mitch is healthy will be way better.

    The Bears were so loaded I dont think even Cutler could screw it up. They made the NFC championship with Steve Fuller. Dan Hampton meant what he said.
  14. Does the Bears losing to the colts in the Super bowl still piss you off?

    If the Bears had Tommie Harris and Mike Brown, Rex Grossman may have beaten Peyton Manning.
  15. Chicago is not used to seeing QB development!

    This is a process, people. The talent is there. Trust the process.
  16. Mack is better than Urlacher

    Different animals. Urlacher was a pure MLB with incredible range. People are still unsure if Mack is a DE or a rush LB. He reminds me of Wilbur Marshall.
  17. If we had Cutler with this defense...

    And Rex Grossman was? Lol. It is obvious Nagy is protecting Mitch from himself with his playcalling. I think Cutler hit those throws Trubisky miss. Cutler simply has a better deep ball. He would look a lot like he did under Adam Gase in 2015. I would take that all day with this défense. .
  18. Baker Mayfield eliminates excuses

    Similiar superlatives were said about Jay Cutler in Denver. Just go on youtube. Just saying.
  19. Bears would be landing spot for Tom Brady, Cowherd believes.

    Tom Brady is a system Qb. Always has been. And he has definitely lost some miles on his fastball. Just stay the close with Mitch.
  20. In 6 minutes, Mahomes...

    When you go through 40 qbs in 20 years, it is time to stop looking the qb and look at the team.