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  1. Grade The Bears Draft

    I hope you're trolling because you just got taken to the woodshed.
  2. Grade The Bears Draft

    Agree with you. I'm very disappointed.
  3. NFL Draft - Day 3

    Damn JJ is available?
  4. NFL Draft - Day 3

    And it's a great pick tbh.
  5. NFL Draft - Day 3

    Excellent points.
  6. NFL Draft - Day 3

    Trade down
  7. 115- RB Roschon Johnson

    Average backup/Special teamer per NFL. com.
  8. Bears trade 4th rd pick

    Awful trade.
  9. 53- Gervon Dexter

    Definitely slow off the snap.
  10. Luke Wypler

    Why no talk of this guy? Think he'd be an under the radar pickup with the 4th rounder.
  11. 64- DT Zach Pickens

    Late reaction to the snap and lacks speed off the ball. GRADE: 6.9 (Potential Role Player/Round 4) Sounds great
  12. NFL Draft - Day 2

    Damn what a pro scout you are
  13. NFL Draft - Day 2


    Bears draft is over. Just not breaking the way it needed to.
  15. Bears sign DL DeMarcus Walker from Titans

    It's only a 3 year deal lmao
  16. Tremaine Edmunds draft comparison

    Some of you would complain if megan fox bent over in front of you and demanded you plow her
  17. Trade Down Frenzy

    Might have been better for the Bears to be pick 2 instead of 1. Oh well.
  18. Trade Down Frenzy

    Nobody else deserves to be drafted 1.
  19. Trade Down Frenzy

    Then you draft a QB and figure it out later.