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  1. Caveroamer

    OT Bryce Young Already Hurt.

    Well that is so unfair. they should at least let him use a high chair!
  2. Caveroamer

    If the Bears end up with the #1 pick with their pick Do you let Poles make that pick?

    No. Also draft a real OT. And pick up a real experienced and high quality Center in FA or draft one. What's the point in bringing in any new QB if there is no WR who can get open and no O-line to protect him. It'll just get the guy killed and ruin him too and the cycle will repeat. Get a solid...
  3. Caveroamer

    I was talking to a friend of mine about Fields.... and he said it is tragic

    The O-line's fault for not blocking well or giving much time. The GMs fault for making this the O-line we have. The coaches fault for not teaching them a way to work together to minimize the bad parts and maximize the good parts of what they are able to do. And Justin Fields' fault for not...
  4. Caveroamer

    If the Bears end up with the #1 pick with their pick Do you let Poles make that pick?

    I've seen this movie before. we play some bad teams later in the season. we will win just enough of those to knock us out of a top 10 pick and they will spin it like this "see? we told you so! we are so positive about all the growth throughout the season. Their development is off the charts and...
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    What the Biggest Problem?

    If it is possible to have negative charisma, flus has it. Right now there seems to be a popular trend in the meme world to post pictures of your stick (mostly walking sticks) and, lets be real here, those sticks have more charisma than flus right now.
  6. Caveroamer

    Velus Jones

    I mostly just watch around here, but I had a great fear I thought I would share. I heard how it was said part of what the Eagles did to succeed was to admit their mistakes. I think we need to admit our mistakes as well and just cut Velus Jones. Yes, it sucks. He was a 3rd round pick. But he is...
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    Well damn
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    Highest rated Center hitting FA this year is Erik McCoy of the Saints. age 24 according to the article 4 of the top 10 FAs in 2023 are O-line. No others are in the top 25. Quenton Nelson (Ind) age 26 OG Orlando Brown (KC) age 26 OT Erik McCoy (NO) age 24 C Elgton James (GB) age 26 OL...
  9. Caveroamer

    If Bears draft 12th?

    We still play Detroit twice
  10. Caveroamer

    Smith to Ravens

    Personally, I'd prefer address the OL in free agency so you get experienced solid veterans (at least 2, hopefully 3) protecting Fields for a change. Then go WR, DL and LB in some order or other. Probably get a WR in FA also. Get experience around fields and build a young defense. It's worked before.
  11. Caveroamer

    We are in bust territory

    I think I'm starting to miss Rick Mirer...
  12. Caveroamer

    The Safest Head Coaching Candidate

    If they can lure Harbaugh and he'll bring Fangio for DC then I don't care if they hire a GM at all. let it be a luring chip that Harbaugh can pick personnel within the budget and let Philips be the numbers guy.
  13. Caveroamer

    The QB lost us this game

    wow, wtf is wrong with people? the patience of a 2-year-old? Everybody was screaming to START HIM NOW!!! well, guess what? The original plan had a certain merit in that if he sat for a year to learn he WOULD be "more" ready when he started. Starting him NOW was always going to be learning on...
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    I don't usually do this, but in this case I will make a rare exception. YEEEEEEEEEEHAW!!!!!!!!!
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    Looking ahead at what would be the end of Nagy

    I agree 100% Which is why they had no issues blocking the Lions.
  16. Caveroamer

    Biggs Knows Something: Nagy Hot Seat?

    I don't think they are allowed to have a president who knows things about football, even in a vague generalized way.
  17. Caveroamer

    National Media Annihilating Nagy and His Design

    I've been looking for the Nagy defenders. I swear I searched everywhere. In the closet. Under the bed. The basement. The garage. Even that old broken down shed, but not a single Nagy defender to be seen. For everyone here on THIS BOARD to AGREE on a SINGLE TOPIC is something I can't recall...
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    400 combined (passing and rushing) yards, 5 combined TDs and a QB rating well over 100. If I'm gonna play psychic I may as well predict what I'd find most fun.