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  1. ***Week 4 Giveaway***

    528 yds 37 pts
  2. Have these coaches lost the team ( FTO)

    I’ve never seen someone look more miserable playing professional sports than Justin Fields. From draft night until now he has showed little fire and always looks like he’s just mailing it in. We thought Cutler had a body language problem, I’d take him every day of the week over fields.
  3. Wheres Omlete pants when we need him/her/it?

    He’s showing more life than this shit team.
  4. How long until you embrace the second tank?

    Week one at half time.
  5. Does this season even matter anymore?

    It’s week three……
  6. Well at least we have

    I would rather them wear speedo’s and crop tops and win than wear cool uniforms and continue to look like shit at the job they are actually paid to do.
  7. It wasn’t Fields fault

    I just don’t see a leader in him unfortunately. No expression on his face, no holding people accountable. I don’t see him rallying the offense. Just looks like he’s not interested in the game. Another jersey to add to the umpteen other bears busts that take up the back of my closet. I’m truly...
  8. Yeah, done with Fields

    This one hurts, really wanted Fields to finally be the guy. I can’t keep doing this. McNown, Grossman, Cutler, Trubisky, and now Fields. Just the worse luck ever for a franchise. I’m over this. I hate already saying next year.
  9. Gordon to IR

    Needs both hangs to do his Spider-Man web slinging celebration.
  10. What the Biggest Problem?

    My choice of favorite NFL football team 37 years ago. Almost 4 decades of ground hog day. Sucks
  11. Robert Quinn arrested

    This happened a few miles from where I live in Summerville SC. Heard from some people that he was around that he was beyond wasted. Could have killed someone.
  12. Did y'all see yesterday

    I don’t get it, Gipson played his ass off and that’s a problem? He responded to adversity and that’s a problem? He was the best defensive player on the field and he’s getting called out? If this is satire, I apologize. I personally love the fire he showed. I could care less if it was against...
  13. Who's a Chicago Bears legend that most non Chicago fans wouldn't know?

    Marcus Robinson would have been our greatest WR If not for injuries. He was so fun to watch!!!
  14. Sadly.....Ryan Mallett is gone

    RIP to the Mallet family.
  15. Who has the worst takes on CCS?

  16. What Chicago Bear Would You Like to Go On a Double Date With?

    Claypool, he wouldn’t show up and I’d have two dates.
  17. Do You Have No Faith?

    46 year old here, so I have seen the shit shows over the past 30 plus years. I have to say I am very optimistic about the future. Poles seems to have a plan and is sticking to it. I’m all in on this front office. Not sure the coaches are in place yet but I’m happy with the team building so far.
  18. My favorite thing so far from this off season

    You’re such a crybaby. Dudes gotten nothing but praise from his quarterback, coach, and GM yet you seem to know better than these guys. Why do you even follow this team if all you do is bitch about it. KarenCCSBears is a more fitting name for you.