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  1. If the draft falls this way who are you taking?

    Gonzalez or Skoronski.
  2. Of the 9 named HC candidates is there anyone you'd hate?

    frankly I’m more impressed with Leftwichs job with Jameis than with Brady. That being said I’m not super high on him.
  3. Is Ryan Pace Learning?

    I think Ifedi was a good signing. 100% agree on Dalton.
  4. Kyle Fuller...HE GONE(UPDATE:Now a Bronco)

    I’m honestly about here. Never said that before, but goddamn it.
  5. PFT: Watson seeking trade rumors?

    If I’m Miami I’d offer Tua and a slew of picks for Watson. Put him on that team and use the rest of their picks on the o line/WRs and next year you’re a title contender.
  6. DC Candidates

    I would love this. Vic is the only person I’d want more but I don’t think he’s getting fired.
  7. Roquan is having a MONSTER season

    I’m going to be sad when someone hires Jay Rodgers away to be a defensive coordinator. The work he has done with our D-Line is absolutely outstanding.
  8. Wait...what?!?

    the only one that makes me nervous is Bowen picking the rams.
  9. Would you go after Dak or Matt Ryan?

    I’m a believer in drafting a new qb and letting them beat Foles out for a job. Foles isn’t very expensive next year, and as has been mentioned I don’t think we’re going to have a ton of salary cap to work with. I’d rather invest whatever draft capital we have in either a QB or the best Olineman...
  10. Foles lectures Nagy on Offense

    I generally agree and didn’t like that they stopped the hurry up. However the play Nagy called had Patterson wide open for a touch down if the line had been able to hold the pass rush. Either way I like Foles and Nagy working through stuff like this, I think it only benefits the offense.
  11. Thoughts and Observations: Falcons

    College TEs historically do very little in their first year in the nfl. I’m not worried about Kmet at all.
  12. Darnold/Rosen/Allen will be busts - Roast me in 3 years

    I mean Allen looks great to start this year.
  13. The positives only thread.

    James Daniels looked good, I think the muscle he put on is really going to help him considering he’s still only 23. The run game, and commitment to the run, was really nice to see. The upgraded TE room and running more 12 formations should really help the tackles out.
  14. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Lions (Football is back!)

    Can anyone PM me a decent stream?
  15. Final Season Predictions

    9-7. I think our defense is going to keep us competitive in most games and hopefully our offense does just enough.
  16. Draft thread

    I’d consider making a trade if Tua falls hard due to injury but this seems like too much for Herbert
  17. Free Agency news - 2020

    I doubt very much he lands on GB with what they are paying the two Smiths. Based on last year pass rusher is not a need for them. The jets and Seahawks make a ton of sense.
  18. ESPN's first 2020 power ranking has Bears at 19

    I think he’s using 1)Mack 2)Hicks 3) Quinn