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  1. Tyree Wilson breakdown

    Definitely don't need Carter. We need a DT, but Carter I have a feeling is just not a motivated dude - like a DaMarcus Russell type - all the talent, but not the hustle. Enough red flags. If Wilson or someone like Witherspoon don't slide, trade down, get an extra 2nd if someone like Levis...
  2. Driving up the value of the #1 pick.

    Stroud is way more highly regarded than either Ridder/Pickett coming out of college. While Stroud could be nothing special, I think he is now being severely underrated due to a couple bad games, but in general has been elite. On separate note, if trading down past pick 4, any team to me...
  3. Are the Titans the only team making a legit offer for the #1 pick?

    I mean if they want to throw in Simmons and possibly McCreary and take off the 2025 1st round pick, I'm game, but doubt they want to do that. It would have to be Simmons, this years 1st, this years 2nd, next years 1st and one of either McCreary or the 2nd if they don't budge on McCreary...
  4. [Kleiman] Keenan Allen likely to be cut

    I will take both players if willing to sign friendly deals.
  5. **VIDEO**Chris Ballard end of season press conference

    I wonder if we can have that plus a young player that they have such as a WR that is still early into contract such as Alec Pierce. I do think we could get a little more than that though as many teams seem desperate to start raw. Panthers, Colts, Titans, etc... all seem to be starting a...
  6. Bears sign all but Floyd and Bullard

    I know people are talking about Braunecker as an undrafted prospect, but Sommers seems really fast on game tape even if he really needs to put on some muscle and played against D3 competition. He is very fast for a Tight End or Full-Back.
  7. Underclassmen Thread

    I know he is a little light and a later (3rd round) style, but I do like Jarrad Davis (ILB) of Florida. He always seems to be at the right place at the right time and seems like a good athlete.
  8. Bears sign another LB, James Anderson

    Great signing and I like how we are shaping up with flexibility for the draft. Can take best Offensive Lineman, BPA, or trade down and get depth. Many options available now.
  9. Early reports: Ogletree crushes 40 at proday. 4.53

    Ogeltree has amazing upsides, but unless we make some surprise signings, we need to add several players and probably need to trade down to get two guards and two linebackers. I hope one of the linebackers is Arthur Brown. Jack of all trades, master of none, but will be a great player to have...
  10. Please keep Derrick Byars!

    He is what he is; a guy that can shoot a little, play D, do the dirty work, and provide a little more offense with some confidence. He is a solid bench option especially with a thin backcourt! Also, he might have been cut, but there are several players that make a niche after bouncing around...
  11. Please keep Derrick Byars!

    I bring the hype because we are thin at guard. Maybe offer him a partial contract like the Pacers and Luther that won't put us over the cap. He is an energy guy, can play D, and has some offense. He can be a solid player in this league!
  12. Please keep Derrick Byars!

    I am not saying this after one game, but I am saying this after watching him here in Nashville when he played for Vandy. To me, Byars was used to be a go-to-guy at Vandy and was a streaky shooter here. However, he had all the intagibles, is athletic, has a good mid-range game. Sometimes he...
  13. Bulls Not Willing To Pay Stoudemire

    Guys, I really disagree with people thinking Stephen Curry is a shooting guard. He played point last year for a Davidson team that literally had no one else that could score. His sophomore year, he played shooting guard as the point was very solid and allowed him to play shooting guard and...
  14. OT; I got a new job

    Congrats Man; Good LUCK!
  15. The Bulls Short List

    The best talent out of all of them is Teague, but if we plan to re-sign Gordon, Teague is really a mismatch for this team!
  16. Bullsbeat 121 - big men part 2

    I think what you have are role players pretty much after 10. It is mainly point guards, which is going to allow us to trade Hinrich! I really think that Teague is going to be a player in the mold of not quite as athletic, but better shooting Monta Ellis and I feel that people do not realize...
  17. Who thinks Nelson will play in Finals?

    Back to the topic! I actually feel the opposite and that Nelson can help the team! Nelson can come off the bench and provide a scoring option in case L.A. gets tough on Hedo/Rashard matchup! He won't have to play, but 15 minutes, and he is better on a bum shoulder than the inconsistency that...
  18. DX releases results

    He is going to be a contributor and at least play a while in the league! He is a scrappy player like Laettner, but tougher and not as skilled offensively! Think of a Luis Scola type w/ more athleticism!
  19. Bulls work out Johnny Flynn and others

    To me Flynn has all-star potential, but is pretty raw! He is a very streaky shooter, very quick (probably will be one of the fastest players in the league), very athletic, a pesky defender, not afraid of the moment, but he is not a pure point! He could be a boom or a solid backup point! If...
  20. Anyone interested in Hansbrough at #26?

    I know Hansbrough is kind of rough, but at pick 26, I'm all over what he will provide. He will get beat by better athletes, but playing off the bench will drive others from other teams crazy! He is not going to be some All-Star, but we need some toughness, and he probably would have been...