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  1. Hamdent

    I have followed Andy Dalton for his entire career. Here is the scoop on Dalton.

    Fair enough. I tend to forget how many lawyers there are in Texas. :) As it stands, it may be that you are Andy's second most enthusiastic lawyer supporter in Texas (how's that for a completely original sentence ). Snake-bit is one way to put it. If Wilson had been a free agent I would have...
  2. Hamdent

    I have followed Andy Dalton for his entire career. Here is the scoop on Dalton.

    Hi Jeff, Welcome to the board. A Texas lawyer (Select Sports Group?) who is an indefatigable defender of Dalton? Who once "met" Dalton (technically speaking one only really "meets" someone once, right?) And as someone who carefully distinguishes between Jerry Jones' capacity as owner vs his...
  3. Hamdent

    Warren Sharp - Efficiency Explosion Headed for the Windy City

    This is the passage in full: "While it could be argued that it was a good thing they didn’t use more shotgun because Trubisky struggled in shotgun, I would argue that they should have revamped the play calling when in shotgun." Sharp then goes on to say why he thinks Trubisky will succeed with...
  4. Hamdent

    NFL Divisional Round IGT

    Classic Rod Marinelli defense.
  5. Hamdent

    Dan Bernstein Bears Tweet

    Well logically, he's not correct. Bernstein's tweet is a variant of the tu quoque fallacy. The real question is whether or not the Packers deserve the ridicule (the truth of which is independent of the Bears' performances). And to that question, the answer seems to be a resounding Yes.
  6. Hamdent

    So who's our next coach?

    So I calmly scroll down the page anticipating an interesting discussion, read this, choke on my saliva, and then proceed to cough for the next 5 minutes. Thanks.
  7. Hamdent

    How to beat the Lions

    No the in-laws will do that. The Bears will just make it worse.
  8. Hamdent

    boers and berstein insist we are better off with marshall

    The boss says jump and you say how high? There are higher values than contractual obligation - when the contract conflicts with these - so much the worse for the contract.
  9. Hamdent

    boers and berstein insist we are better off with marshall

    Does anyone here think that if someone had personally insulted the mother of Butkus, Ditka, Payton, Singletary, or Doug and O'B (or any other Bears player with integrity) that they would have given that guy the courtesy of putting on gloves? To have Emery respond by telling Marshall to read his...
  10. Hamdent

    Really? not one single firing?

    This can't be right. First, the truth of Marshall's "unacceptable" claim in no way relates to the performance we saw afterwards - he was either right or wrong - regardless of what happened in the following games. Given what we've seen, it's obvious he was right. Second, no one person (not...
  11. Hamdent


    Or $5 Vodka - that way you can be drunk and blind. A preferred choice for Bears games.
  12. Hamdent

    Official Fire Tucker petition thread!

    I'm in. The last two years have seen the worst D in the history of the franchise. At this point, how could one not be onboard with firing Tucker? What further ineptitude would have to be achieved?
  13. Hamdent

    IGT Week 11: Chicago Bears (5-4) vs Baltimore Ravens (4-5) 12:00 PM CDT CBS

    There are no excuses for that play calling. None. Unbelievable.
  14. Hamdent

    PFF 32 First Rounders 32 Impressions

    Actually Long graded out as the third highest, Barkevious Mingo was second with a +2.8. Still what I saw from Long was encouraging - it will be interesting to watch the right side of the O-line Thursday night.
  15. Hamdent

    Bears Fan Roll-Call: Introduce Yourself And Start Posting!

    Bears Fan Since: 1984 Favorite Current Bears Player: Cutler Favorite All-Time Bears Player(s): Sweetness; Hampton; Fencik; Singletary; Suhey; Favorite Bears Moment: '85 (minus Dec. 2, Monday night).