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  1. SpeedRacer

    5 days ...

    3 MORE DAYS!
  2. SpeedRacer

    Why are so many fans upset over RB pay?

    This. There is no value in big long term contracts. It is what it is.
  3. SpeedRacer

    5 days ...

    Sorry, just getting excited.
  4. SpeedRacer

    5 days ...

    until rookies report. That is all.
  5. SpeedRacer

    ESPN projects Bears land major pass rusher

    So, we need to tank again?
  6. SpeedRacer

    Missing Person: @black rainbow

    @Black Rainbow That low resolution avatar is a disservice to a great character. Do you mind updating it? Here:
  7. SpeedRacer

    Missing Person: @black rainbow

    Nailed it.
  8. SpeedRacer

    Is Dj Moore plus Darnell Wright equivalent to Conner Berdard?

    Is Jalen Carter equivalent to Conner Berdard? Well, they hype wasn't even close. Would Jalen plus DJ have satisfied you? Sounds good as I type that.
  9. SpeedRacer

    #1 pick

    Fuck yeah! Number 1 pick bitch.
  10. SpeedRacer

    #1 pick

    No shit. He does suck ... at life.
  11. SpeedRacer

    State of the bears

    @Chief Walking Stick Confused, I thought you hated Poles trade down and plan? But now things aren’t so bleak?
  12. SpeedRacer

    Is DJ Moore a good enough WR for Justin Fields?

    @HeHateMe Dood, I used to think you were the resident downer on this board. But BR make you look like a homer. Is @Chief Walking Stick BR's alt. They sure like to dick lick each other.
  13. SpeedRacer

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Bills ( I Mean R U ****ing Kidding Me Out Here Edition)

    I figure one more person calling Black Rainbow the Cum Bucket he is, then he will go away. Nah, but it's fun anyway.
  14. SpeedRacer

    How is an all out tank NOT the best option for the future of the franchise?

    Although not Abe Froman, my Uncle owns Vienna Beef. Close enough?
  15. SpeedRacer

    Mike martz being well Martzy

    Is Martz Grimson/Rainbow?!
  16. SpeedRacer

    lol..what a joke this team FO is..

    Well, he certainly hasn't played to the generational talent level the past few years. Yes, he is a load, but he has not been a game changer. And we aren't going anywhere the next few years anyway. This allows us room to build.
  17. SpeedRacer

    Jesper Should Start

    Should have been developing him all along. What a colossal waste of time. Kmet can be a blocking tight end, give Jesper the bulk.
  18. SpeedRacer

    Next QB/WR dynamic duo?

    Not that I have the answer, but go find a big jump ball receiver. Someone who can out jump and out fight the defender for the ball. Pair that with Mooney, and keep developing Kmet. I agree not to overspend here, put any money you have to shoe up the 0-line.