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  1. yeah sorry about that man. Still new. Getting used to the whole process. Same with the grammar...

    yeah sorry about that man. Still new. Getting used to the whole process. Same with the grammar was in a hurry. Ill make sure to look at it next time.
  2. New Cubs Season Ticket Holder

    Im not quite sure yet. I live about an hours drive from wrigley so hopefully alot once summer comes around. Will sell some to make some money back keep purchasing them year after year.
  3. New Cubs Season Ticket Holder

    yeah sorry about the typing and grammar I was in a hurry this morning. I apologize for that.
  4. New Cubs Season Ticket Holder As a new writer here at CCS I couldnt be more excited to say that I am now a Cubs season ticket holder and will be attending many games this year at the friendly Confines. Im ready to bring my first hand view on the Cubs in 2013...
  5. Hail Szczur: Official Cubs Prospects and Off-season Leagues Thread

    Im a little surprised Sczur isnt on the list. Im reallhy excited with what he can do. Maybe all he is at best is a exciting player. I know he will at least be that. Im excited for his career. Im also interested in what they do with Vogelbach. Obviously a trade looks most likely but I wonder what...
  6. Should the Cubs go after Stanton/Upton?

    I know this has probably 0% chance of happening but I always find it fun to see possible trades and whether or not they would work. Its my First article here at CCS so hope you all like it! thanks! Well Chicago sports fans with the Bears season coming to an unsatisfying close it is time to turn...
  7. Tigers Re-Sign Anibal Sanchez

    Im glad we didnt sign him actually but im getting very frusturated with the leaked supposed deals. -_-
  8. NFC Playoff Picture (Updated as of 12/23/12)

    i dont believe the Redskins will win out. But yes you are correct.
  9. im calling it now

    I still believe lovie should be coach. im one of the few I guess.
  10. Projected Opening Day Roster

    I swear watching a misersable baseball team is worse then watching anything else. ugh.
  11. Francisco Liriano

    I wouldnt like the Liriano signing.
  12. NFC Playoff Picture (Updated as of 12/23/12)

    Yeah if bears win 2 of 3 thier solid. Cards and Lions they should win but you never know. We are gonna get spanked by the pack this week :/
  13. Bears 2013 Mock Draft Database / Draft Discussion

    I still wish the Bears would go after Te'o to replace Urlacher but thats unrealistic and my ND homerism coming in.
  14. Bears 2013 Mock Draft Database / Draft Discussion

    His numbers may have dropped because Notre Dame relied on their running game and in doing so it showed Eifert's superb blocking skills. His stock rose because of it as did Floyd's last year when he had to block alot. Eifert statistically is ND's best TE ever. He would be a great pick.
  15. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2012 Season

    10-0 :) here we come. Wake up the echoes!
  16. Forte blows, get over him

    He blows? Yeah good one
  17. The Next Walter Payton is activated

    ok now your starting to make me laugh liks seriosuly......Im done...... hahaha.
  18. Official Notre Dame Football Thread

    excited for the game..... Hendrix intrigues me though as does Everett Golson. Both fit Kelly's offense better then Rees but will Kelly stick with Rees next year because of expierence or try Hendrix. hmmmm. Interesting.
  19. The Next Walter Payton is activated

    You must just be a HUGE Allen fan because you obviously are insane. Haha. Two HB's on ND's roster right now are better then Allen. Wood and Gray. Dont compare Allen and Payton thats disrespectful. Allen is riddles with injuries.
  20. The Next Walter Payton is activated

    Hmmm. We are all entitled to our opinion but I gurantee 90% of the people on this thread before the game didnt even know who Armando Allen was. He was undrafted. He's 5'8 200LBS. He has an OK games averaging like 3.9YPC and someone makes a thread titles the next walter payton..........It just...