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  1. 99 yards

    I admit it, Satchice is my alt
  2. Fields every Dropback 3rd Game

    Reported for bringing politics into a football discussion.
  3. 99 yards

    They're getting yoked at xsport with me. I almost exclusively use data when not at home though. I wonder if they recycle ipv4 addresses at times, since it is always changing. I hope one day BR and I share the same IP address.
  4. 99 yards

    LOL great, now you've done it. Now CCS's resident bozo @TezMaKai is going to think we are all the same person. That's interesting that we've all shared an IP at some point though.
  5. 99 yards

    When will @TezMaKai finally speak up and answer for being wrong about this?
  6. *** OFFICAIL *** fire everyone thread. Bears Fans Only

    Fields ain't it. It's that same feeling when we found out Trubisky wasn't it. Luckily Fields sucks so badly that tanking for the #1 is a rela possibility. This shall be the official tanking thread.
  7. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Buccaneers (504 This Page Will Not Load Edition)

    Fields is not a starting QB for a winner @TezMaKai
  8. I found @Cabbage King

    This is so absolutely pathetic that I'll give you your only reply and like in this thread. I'd ask the mods if you actually met the age requirement to join this place, but You've been here for a decade apparently.
  9. Its draft day 2024. Bears have the #1 pick. Do you take Caleb Williams?

    Sure, the mods can see IP addresses and all, but a dummy like you has it all figured out based on your very special "intuition". Quit backseating modding.
  10. OFFICIAL Jalen Carter Thread

    This one is going to hurt.
  11. Its draft day 2024. Bears have the #1 pick. Do you take Caleb Williams?

    If Fields still sucks and Caleb looks like the real deal, you TANK. I doubt the FO would do that and risk losing their jobs though.
  12. Penny Traitor Proudly Presents: 'Justin Fields - Victim or Symptom?' (An Unauthorized Expose)

    I think the high soy intake from Fields' old vegan diet did a number on him. He's permanently a soy boy.
  13. Every Fields Dropback

    @TezMaKai is it still racist to question Fields?
  14. Love Animals

    Imagine suggesting this absolute shit breed to somebody. Pitbulls should be euthanized and/or sterilized. There's no reason for them to be around when deadly attacks are overwhelmingly from them.