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  1. Going to atlanta game. Need cheap jersy recommendations.

    I know I've seen topics where you guys have mentioned cheap Chinese jerseys that actually look legit. It doesn't need to be dirt cheap I have money but I'm not willing to spend 160 for a real jersey. I'm from Chicago but moved to Atlanta for work like 5 years ago and this will be my first...
  2. Cubs fans everywhere

    Honest question. Ok so I'm not a baseball fan really. Games on tv just don't keep me entertained unless it's post season. I do go to 2 games a year because live games are amazing. I go one cubs one sox because my gf is the devil and loves the sox. My entire family are Cubs fans so I have been a...
  3. Bears News: 14 players on the INJ report

    so... 2017 superbowl?
  4. Da offense is about to explode

    Last guy wasnt BOB... this guy... not sure. interesting. Bob locked in your basement down under?
  5. Myles Jack has a CHONDRAL DEFECT in his right knee

    Wasn't it Dan Hampton that basically had no cartilage left in his knees towards the end of his career and still kicked some ass? So my theory is Myles Jack starting without cartilage means a guarentee he will be better at LB than Dan Hampton was... Is this really happening?
  6. Fox on #BearsSpecialTeams: "We started off about as bad as you can start.."

    I do believe It's Mr. Dobbilina. Mr. Bob Dobbilina. but no not BOB
  7. Would your girlfriend/wife leave you for an NFL player?

    Lol I was gonna post something similar... me and my gf have stated that if either of us can somehow marry a celeb/sports star then it's allowed as long as we get divorced and lots of alimony and then get back together with each other. edit: but I voted my d is too good... because well it is ;)
  8. Should We Sign Tebow?

    Why not bring him in for vet min... he can't be asking much these days. We do what we have been bringing in cheap players with 1 year contracts and cut him or don't... we probably cut him but maybe we don't. Like a previous poster mentioned fox had success with him so why not give it a shot.
  9. who was the best bear?

    Wow no one put Butkus first? For me it's Butkus then Walter To me Butkus embodies what it means or at least meant to be a bear so he is the best Bear... Walter was the best player and the greatest so to me he is the best bears player. Semantics but it gives me two picks so I win.
  10. How would you feel if the bears lost a sb like the hawks?

    Yep it already happened. Maybe not quite the same way. As was stated Lovie gave that game away much quicker. However after watching the Bears team that was notorious for winning off of defense and special teams start the game with devin hester returning the opening kick off for a TD which is the...
  11. OT - Terrance Cody - WTF???

    If you think that's a strange series of events than it may be in your best interests to stay far away from the internets from now on. Sounds like a guy that smokes weed which is common possibly commited animal cruelty which is sad but happens. And then he happened to own a pet alligator which...
  12. First Bears potential coaching tree in......????

    I'm just glad we seem to have a coach with some connections. Whether or not it helps remains to be seen but I don't think it can hurt any more than our recent coaching regimes.
  13. Most Favorite Bears Season to Watch in full and why?

    For me I was a bit too young to remember 85 so for me my favorite season was 2006. 2005 had a better defense so it's close however that cardinals game come back and the whole denny green they are who we thought they were blow up was amazing to me. The way we won games that year was insane. Mike...
  14. It’s always the darkest right before the Dawn

    It's always the darkest before dawn... unless the sun went fucking super nova. Although I don't think this team has quite hit that level of abomination... so Ill compare it to more of the few months of darkness that Alaska gets... hopefully this will also give us a few months of constant light...
  15. Bears won't increase ticket prices

    They don't need to raise ticket prices when the McCaskeys are probably the ones buying all the tickets and selling em on stub hub for 500% markup... lol I remember having 2 friends on phones and me and my gf on 2 different computers a few years back the second tickets went on sale and...
  16. Field goal posts closer and fantasy draft...Are you watching the Probowl this year?

    That could actually be interesting. A test to see if pure talent matters more or whether a great team that knows how to play together would win. Whatever they do all this gimmicky shit needs to go away. Although the pro bowl combine skill competition type shit was kinda fun a while ago before...
  17. Rumour: Patrick Willis being shopped.

    Wow willis would be amazing... although depending on the pick and how the bears feel about their current state as far as do they think they can win in a year or two or are we truly in rebuilding mode it could either be an amazing pick up or a horrible one... Interesting we have Fangio though...
  18. New Bears Fan Here - few questions

    Your actually picking an NFL team to root for and deciding on the Bears???? I mean the team itself isn't that bad... well maybe it is but in reality it isn't as bad as some think.... However the front office is a joke. If I hadn't been raised in chicago and been watching the Bears since I was...
  19. NFL Sources Say Jennings Did Not Fail A Breathalyzer Test (Kusinski)

    Last time I passed a breathalyzer it was because I was just on speed... but if that was the case Jennings would have had a much better year.
  20. Opinion on Jennings OWI Arrest/Police Report

    Pretty sure that's an urban myth. I think that may be the point where reckless driving can be added on and maybe its possible because of that but I don't think it's a law to revoke a license for doing 25 over. I go way faster. And when I got arrested recently they had a new road side test where...