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  1. OH BABY! Juiciest waiver pool in recent memory...

    I'd say the Punt returner from the Bengals. But who to drop? If it is eq then we have three guys as possible small fast return men. And only Claypool as a big receiver.
  2. Dan Feeney (trade confirmed). Super Bowl bound!

    Not a fan of this trade. Could get the some on waivers. Not as experienced. But same level.
  3. Bears fans excited after signing DE that takes away snaps from developing players

    We don't have any developing players at Edge.
  4. Crazy idea?

    So, if Roschon looks as good as advertised in rookie mini camp. Then we seem to have 4 RB's. 3 of them seem about the same level of starting ability. Foreman, Herbert, and Johnson. The fourth as a third down back/special teams player. What about offering K Herbert to the Comanders in a trade...
  5. UDFA Thread

    OK, missed it and the NFL tracker didn't update that he was picked.
  6. UDFA Thread

    Would like to get Isiah Land
  7. UDFA Thread

  8. Bears trade 4th rd pick

    Like this move. Wish it was the Pats a little higher. But...
  9. Adetomiwa Adebawore

    I don't think that is true.
  10. Adetomiwa Adebawore

    Well, I think Edge is biggest need. Maybe Mcguire or Carter. But, not much left there. Center is a need. TE and Safety are possible. And a pass catching TE. There are a lot of good CB left. No longer a need. But there is value. Mcguire Wypler Zack Evans chase brown Abanikanda kuntz AA Durham...
  11. How NFC North Teams Did sofar..

    I thought the Lions were poised to terrify me after this draft. I think they totally blew it. I mean they got some decent players. I like Branch. But, not dominant ones. I never understand the Packers draft strategy. The Vikings didn't have much of a chance. I would say nobody in the North made...
  12. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em Mock

    Not a fan of this draft.
  13. Peter Skoronski breakdown

    I really wanted to get a starting 3t with one of our first two picks. But if you could get PS and another starter quality C or Tackle. The offense could start to build into something great. I think fixing the dline would help with wins more next year. But, we may be better off still not winning...
  14. The Bears are 2 years away

    Didn't read any comments. But from the main post my response is. Duh.
  15. Greg Gabriel calls Adetomiwa Adebawore second best 3 technique prospect behind Carter

    For once I agree with him. I was hoping round 2. If we can trade down and get lower round one or higher round two. Then maybe.
  16. Let's have a peek at Luke Wypler

    I think there are 3 or 4 centers we could reasonably get in rounds 2-3 that could start for us. I am just not sure about the shakeout on the line. If Whitehair isn't Center where is he playing? Can Jenkinkins move to RT. I am trying to think of a way not to use our first and second picks on the...
  17. Nighttime Mock Off Season

    Hate this
  18. mid afternoon Starbies run FULL SEVEN ROUNDER mock

    It is ok. The simulator tries to push Dell on me every time. Wouldn't do two wr at the end. Wasted picks to me. Not a big deal though. I want one of Carter, Kancey, or Adebawore. So I am ok with picking him high. I would like to load up with Edge rushers (maybe 3) and hope we hit on a great one.