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  1. Colts fans lukewarm towards Eberflus

    Why argue if Illinois or Indiana is the worst Midwestern state? Wisconsin exists… Every other state hates them
  2. Bears parting ways with safeties coach Roy Anderson and outside LB Coach Staley

    Depending on how much of an impact the safeties coach had on Eddie Jackson’s development, that could be a big loss
  3. It wasn't voluntarily. It lasted 28 years.

    Plenty of Cubs fans lived long lives and barely saw them even win a single playoff series.... At least the Bears had a chance to win a Super Bowl
  4. Bears considering tryout with controversial Russian soccer player Word is that he has better hands than Jordan Howard. Will he be a better fit for Nagy’s offense and make Howard expendable?
  5. Bears decline Kevin White's 5th year option

    White hasn’t been able to stay healthy only playing WR... I seriously doubt he could add ST duties and make 16 games. If he shows nothing at camp the Bears need to seriously consider cutting him for a WR that brings more to the team
  6. Sam Darnold Doesn't Want To Play For Browns

    So then it sounds like he was ready to join the workforce, found out the company he wanted to work for was going to ship him to Cleveland, so he decided he’d rather have another year Working at his unpaid internship in hopes that the company would have a better opening next year.
  7. Jim Irsay back on the sauce?

    The thread title suggests Irsay was off the sauce at some point...
  8. The CCS certified official training camp news and tweets thread.

    opens fine for me too. firefox and noscript maybe?
  9. Trade up for Ramsey?

    If the draft goes: 1. Rams - Goff/Wentz 2. Eagles - Goff/Wentz 3. Chargers - Tunsil 4. Cowboys- Elliot 5. Trade up to Jags for Ramsey? 6. Ravens - from what I have read they need CB help so would probably take Ramsey I don't watch YouTube on all of the prospects to know how much better...
  10. Podcast Mailbag for Monday..

    Is Fox or Fangio more responsible for the improvement on defense? Should the Bears keep drafting/signing players for a 3-4 defense if Fangio may get a head coaching job? Would it be smarter to take a solid (8 out of 10) player with the flexibility to play in a 4-3 or 3-4 over a better 3-4 player...
  11. Article: worst fans in the NFL

    Atlanta and Philadelphia have done OK, but the other teams have been mostly terrible for quite a while. I always think it's funny when fans of other teams tell the fans of terrible teams that if you don't like the product on the field just stop going and watch at home. Then, when the fans...
  12. Von Miller

    I thought I read he's one more substance abuse violation away from a long suspension. At least Fox worked with him long enough that he should know whether he's worth the money or too many red flags
  13. PFF top ten Rookie of the Year candidates., plus a Tyler Lockett mention.

    Aaron Donald, Leonard Williams, and Chandler Jones....... greatest 'almost Bears' D line ever! Joking, but damn that would have been sweet!
  14. Robbie Gould Complain Thread - Top FA Kickers to Replace Him

    Any chance we can stitch him back together zombie style for a few more seasons? Never realized just how important he was until we've seen Gould's accuracy with other LS. Never thought I'd miss a LS specialist but damn...
  15. How the Bears get Von Miller

    Hasn't he already been in trouble with the league numerous times as well? If I remember right, he is only one more screw up away from a year-long suspension. Definitely something to consider for that kind of money.
  16. Adrian Amos continues to impress

    All those wasted 3rd round picks on safetys..... we should have been waiting until the 5th!
  17. Packer's HOLD on for a close victory... (postgame thoughts thread)

    Game was a lot closer than I thought it'd be! Overall I thought the refs called a decent game but holds on both O and D the Pack got away with in the 4th quarter hurt. That Rodger's scramble/run for a 1st down near the end had a pretty blatant one. Aikman/Buck were too busy slobbering over...
  18. Your Gut Feelings About the Draft

    Until it's legalized the NFL still suspends people for it and he already proved he isn't smart enough to pass a once a year drug test. He prob knew the exact day the test was on months before. Depending on how heavy of a smoker he is (almost said was but doubt he stopped lol) just take a...
  19. Mariota smater than Winston Proof

    The company I work for uses the Wonderlic as part of our recruiting process and from what I've seen those scores are higher than a lot of the business professionals we bring in! Would be fun to bring one here to see what posters get if I wouldn't get fired for it.
  20. John Fox eliminating gimmicks, implementing changes for Bears

    Aww Jay and Shae had lockers together. Were they both grouped by rhyming or was it the shit performance on the field by both?