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  1. Outside of sports, what makes you tick?

    eSports. But none of that CoD, DotA, Halo, Lol bullshit. Real stuff. Like Starcraft :shifty:
  2. Good Restaurants Near Wrigley?

    Came here to say this. Listen to this man, he knows his stuff.
  3. CCS Meetup Thread: Vol. III "Bears Camp meetup Thursday?"

    Let's get some Portillo's again, son.
  4. Cubs (11-17) vs. Atlanta Braves (18-11) 5/7-5/9 Series Discussion Thread

    Going to the game Wednesday. Hoping for at least one win, hehe.
  5. Trade Marmol?

    But, if we can't get anything for him, I say we light him on fire and pee on him in an attempt to put him out.
  6. Trade Marmol?

    Trade him for what? Sun flower seeds? A new ball bag? No one in their right mind would take him. And the sad thing is that I'm not upset that he's blowing games in what is basically a lost season (though winning today for Dempster's birthday would have been nice, considering he tossed a gem)...
  7. First Round: (1) Firsttimers Multi Quotes vs. (17) Dero bails on CCS

    I'm still buttsore about Dero ditching us...
  8. Calling out UMAN's Nazi modding

  9. Starlin Castro discussion thread

    If Castro ends the season with less than 30 errors I will suck Waldo's balls. :shifty:
  10. P.I.G #2: (16) Dewey and Uman rage quit vs.(15)daddies3angels #Rickettscheap

    Hivemind Beating the Dead Horse - dewey and uman rage quit karma please Going with the #rickettscheap
  11. Rate the last movie you watched

    I'm currently writing about the big board now!
  12. P.I.G #1:(18)Fisch posting a Nickelback Song vs. (17)Dero bailing on CCS

    Dero's bitch ass bailing on Zack, Rush, and me because Zack wouldn't bring his sista.
  13. Rate the last movie you watched

    Mein Fuhrer, I can walk!
  14. Rate the last movie you watched

    "You'll have to answer to the Coca-Cola company" - YouTube Best scene in the entire movie.
  15. Rate the last movie you watched

    Dr. Strangelove for an intro to film history class. 7/10, would bang.