Joe Girardi to Chose Between Cubs, Yankees or TV


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May 10, 2010
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Bob Nightengale writes up that Joe Girardi will chose between the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees and taking the year off to work on TV. Girardi already has a deal for FOX if he does chose to take the year off.

No one knows exactly what Girardi will do. Girardi has said he would talk to his family before making any decision. The Cubs will purse him heavily and by far their number one choice. Girardi would come back home, try to fix the Cubs and bring the world series drought to an end. Girardi has already said he's more than interested in listening to the Cubs and the Cubs will make a huge pitch to him.

The Cubs would have to call up the Yankees general manager Brian Cashman to ask to interview Girardi. Since he's still on contract until October 31st. The Cubs have not interviewed or ask permission to interview anyone yet, but were expected to start their manager search this morning, per Theo Epstein.

The Yankees are still in play and people close to Girardi say he may want to re-sign with them so he can fix the Yankees. Buster Olney tweeted yesterday that if the Yankees want to keep Girardi, they will have to give him a pay raise. He made 3 million this year.

The last option is Girardi may just take a year off and come back in 2015. He already has a deal lined up with FOX and may chose to go this route. It may be a hard decision for Girardi as if he declined the Cubs job, it may not come open for a while. The Cubs job has always been considered a dream job for Girardi, so we shall see what happens.

The Washington Nationals manager job is also open, but that seems to be a long shot of Girardi landing in DC.

The Cubs want the process to be fast and so does Girardi. We should know an answer on whether Girardi will come back home sooner than later.


Apr 28, 2009
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Personally I think Joe ends up with the Nationals. Great team, quality youth, less media pressures.


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Apr 16, 2013
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San Diego
NYY look like a pain with no farm resource. Payroll locked into a 189 mil cap. Losing Mo. Will most likely lose Cano. A-Rod suspended. Sounds like a head ache. Chicago would look more attractive in 2015 with Baez on the team vs this turn over. Theo playing the it will take time card. Read that Nats are looking in house. The fox deal looks good if the Cubs opt for a 1 year caretaker. If the Cubs are looking for the long term it would be hard to pass up the farm system and payroll potential in a mid market payroll NL C.