Steelers Looking to Trade with Bears???


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Nov 20, 2013
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9 and Bears’ 2024 2nd for 17, 49, and Pitt’s 2024 1st.

Or at the minimum I’d like the option to be able to swap 1st rounders with Pitt in 2024.


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Sep 15, 2012
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Who is pitt so desperately trading up for before even seeing who gets picked 1-8?
I would think this is just a check so they can know the cost in the event a player they want at 9 is there o deaft night. Just like Pace had convos with Gettleman leading up to the Fields trade.
Well yeah, time value of money. Most people would rather have slightly less now than slightly more later because of what you can invest it in.

I am just looking merely at the division and conference the Steelers are in and thinking they are not making the playoffs. That puts them automatically in the top 20 next year.

If you were guaranteed it was a mid first next year, wouldn't you take that over 32 this year?

They finished one game behind the Ravens who still have to resolve the Jackson situation and even if they do that whole drama may have lasting impact on the team.

I also think Pickett in year 2 will be better than rookie Pickett/Trubisky were in year one.

If it was a mid first I may still take 32 this year. If all goes well I think we can compete this year for a playoff spot and be serious contenders in 2024. I would much rather go into 2024 with the 32 pick having already had a year of experience vs the 15th pick being a rookie in 2024.

So would have to be closer to top 10 for me to forgo the 1 year headstart. Then again I am not into all of these trade up scenarios for MHJ that seems to have people hell bent on getting a ton of first round picks next year.
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Jan 22, 2023
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Trade the Dam #9 pick no matter how far down we fall....Shit we haven't had a 1st Round pick in 10 years it seems
Let's have some fun with it!!!!
We deserve it!!


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Aug 14, 2010
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There is way more value for a first-round pick even if given in the subsequent year due to the 5th year option. Having a player under team control for an additional year is very advantageous for the receiving club. There is no standard trade chart, every team has its own, but first-round picks always carry more value than mid-second-rounders.
what you say here has nothing to do with what we are talking about.

You mentioned two trading charts:

The first-way future picks are valued with a general starting point value as a pick in the middle of the round, and it's divided by two for one year out. The 16th pick in the first round is worth 1000 points/2 = 500 points. The second is that a future pick is valued as the last pick in that round in the current year. The last pick is worth 600 points.
I talked about the 2nd one not being what people consider to be the correct choice.

I said,
A pick in next year's draft is devalued by one round where the pick is considered to be in the middle of the round.
So the value of a 1st rounder next year would be the value of a 2nd round this year, being the 15th pick of 2023 or 440 points per the 2023 chart, not 600.


Mar 26, 2016
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Trade down get the extra first next year. At 17, I think one of the big three ots will be there. If not, anton is a possibility.