Fields Year two expectations #calledit thread


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Oct 5, 2014
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3500 yards
24 TD
13 INT
500 Yards rushing
4 TD
6 fumbles lost

He can’t turn the ball over almost 2 times a game. I’m not looking up the specific numbers but I think he had 19 turnovers in like 10 starts. How many possessions are you getting in a game, 8-10? He can’t be turning the ball over on 20%-25% of the teams offensive possessions. That’s by far the most important thing. It would be nearly impossible for him to accumulate stats turning the ball over at that rate. But theoretically even if he could put up respectable numbers in certain categories like pass yards, pass td’s rush yards, rush td’s. If he keeps turning the ball over at a rate of almost twice a game they can’t win anyway.


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May 10, 2014
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He really needed one of those I'M HERE, WORLD moments last year, and it just didn't come.

The Steelers game should've been it. The D and the refs let him down.

The 49ers game also should've been it. The D let him down.

One more defensive stop or one more TD drive, and the Packers game at Soldier could've been it.

Never happened, though.