Should Cubs Find a Way To Sign Bellinger Long Term.

Should they sign him to long term contract?

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Sep 20, 2023
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They are contending with this team. And Assad, Wicks, Canario and PCA should get better.

Then add Ben Brown in the pen to replace Fulmer and Little having a footing in the majors this year,

I feel that Morel is the weak link. Simple as that. So the money would be there for Chapman. Thus letting Jed look into trading Morel and others for depth.

On the rotation I would not do much. Horton should be MLB ready by the ASG. Injuries always happen. So what matters is IP over the season. Taillon brings that and if he is short again then leave him off the play off roster.

This doesn't even get into Brown who could end up in the starter mix and has TOR upside this spring.

So the rotation is not a huge issue. So far the farm has produced Steele, Assad and Wicks. Not bad and 2 higher rated arms are pending.
Contending barely with career years from potentially Steele and Bellinger (career resurgence that might not continue at this rate)

Running the same team out here next year would be insane. This team might not even make the playoffs despite being 95% to do so last week.